Calvert County National Little League: Coach's Corner

Sunday, November 23

Little League Rule Changes for the 2011 Season

 November 4, 2010   

POLICIES Residency Eligibility Requirements: Added language to strengthen the policy, including adding a date of February 1 to establish residence for eligibility. 

REGULATIONS Regulation I: Added language that would prohibit league president from resigning in an effort to be tournament team coach, after January 1. 

Regulation III - Tee Ball: Added language allowing local leagues to accept league-age 4-year-olds, and reduces the maximum age permitted in the Tee Ball Division to league-age 7. 

Regulation IV - Major and Junior Softball Divisions: Added language allowing 12-year-old softball players to play in the Major and/or Junior divisions of softball, if drafted at the same time. Requests for league-age 12-year-olds to participate as pool players (to be move up occasionally to the Junior Division) must be approved by the Charter Committee in Williamsport. (This change applies to Major League Division Softball and Junior League Softball only.)  

Regulation VI: Added language prohibiting the catcher from pitching if he/she caught in (4) four or more innings. (This change applies to baseball divisions only.) 

Regulation VI - Junior and Senior Baseball: Added language to prohibit players from pitching in more than (1) one game in a day if they exceed 30 pitches in the first game. (This change applies to Junior League Baseball and Senior League Baseball only.) 

Regulation IX (f): Added language allowing Tournament Teams to participate in Special Games after June 15th. 

Regulation XIII: Added language to preclude an individual or league from receiving compensation for requiring players to use or wear a certain item. PLAYING RULES  Rule 2.00: Added language to the definition of a bunt, mandating that the umpire call a strike when the batter holds the bat in the strike zone when the pitch is delivered, even if the batter does not "offer" at the pitch. (This change applies to softball divisions only.) 

Rule 3.03 - Senior League: Added language permitting the use of a designated hitter.  

Rule 3.17: Added language allowing the use of electronic devices in the dugout, provided these devices are not used for communication. 

Rule 6.09 (b) - Major Division Softball: Added language allowing the batter to become a runner on a dropped third strike. (This change applies to Major League Division Softball only.) 

Rule 7.08 (a) (5) - Major Division Softball: Added language allowing runners to leave the base when the pitcher releases the ball. (This change applies to Major League Division Softball only.) 

Rule 9.03 (d): Added language allowing local leagues to designate an adult Game Coordinator if an adult umpire is not present at the game.


Medical Release Forms
Coaches please make sure that you have medical release forms for all of your players. These forms need to be carried with you at all games and practices. If you need additional forms you can find them in the handout section of the website.

Coaches, Managers and other Volunteers:
Please make sure you fill out your Volunteer Application Form and turn it in along with a copy of a photo ID to Steven Whidden . If you do not have a copy of the form, one can be obtained by visiting the handouts/forms section of our website. There is no fee this season; the league will be absorbing the cost.

Sunday, March 6

This excludes Tee Ball and Ponytails since the coaches contact each other and schedule their rainouts on their practice fields.
For rainouts, if you are the home team, you need to contact the field coordinator Tina DeNeale at 410-610-5882 to reschedule the game. After the game is rescheduled, the home team coach has to contact the away team coach to let them know when the make-up game is.

If you are the away team, talk to the home coach to make sure the game is in the process of being rescheduled and wait for the return call.