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4. - Posted January 13, 2011 6:12PM

Good Luck next season. BestTEAMMOM.COM has great information for Team Mom Duties & Responsibilities.
We at BestTEAMMOM.COM want to wish you and your team good luck.....and we'll see you at the game!

3. - Posted October 13, 2009 10:39PM
Ball Drills & Tips

Very nice web site.       Best of luck.

Pete       Boulder, CO

P.S. There’s lots of good material you will find useful on the above site with over eighty tips, drills, contests and other ideas for coaches, players, and parents.   
Stop by and pick up some good tips -    they’re free.   
And, please feel free to add this site to your Links page.

2. - Posted April 3, 2009 11:58PM

I have 4 kids playing this year, and they are so excited to start. I am so glad to see that we play children from outside of the organization, to get more games in, instead of paying each other over and over. I would like to remind the kids that you are to have as much fun as you can. Route all teams on, and if you have a friend on another team, wish him/her luck and be a team player. That also goes for the parents. Please remember that our children learn from what we do and say. So remind them to have fun, and to have good sportmanship. These are kids playing, not Adults on TV. LETS ALL JUST HAVE FUN. Good luck to all Baseball Teams for this 2009 season and everyone just have a GREAT TIME>>>>>>>>>   GO CNLL !!!!!!!!!!!

1. - Posted June 2, 2007 4:07AM
Just wanted to commend the board for an excellent 2007 season. It's been a pleasure having my three sons play, one at the tball level, one on pitching machine and one in minors. And, the website looks fantastic! Sincerely, B. Whidden