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Wednesday, June 15
CNLL :: Dodgers :: Go Blue!

Welcome to the CNLL Dodgers website!  This site is put on by the Coaches, not the CNLL.  I will be trying to keep you up to date on our schedule for games and practices.  As a general rule, we like to do many different events throughout the baseball season to include parents and family.  I find this makes for a more family-oriented environment and because it is just more fun that way.  With that said if there is anything I can do for you or your ball player, please feel free to talk to me about your situation.

We are looking foward to yet another wonderful year with some very talented players and overall great kids.  We have different skill sets this year based on players experience with baseball and other sports and I am really looking towards the more experienced players to be good role models for some of the less seasoned players.

Parents, the team theme is, and will always be, good sportsmanship.  I will hold all players, coaches, and parents to that standard, including myself, so lets do our best to be out there supporting our team.  Go Blue!

The three coaches this year, myself (Coach Jason) along with Coach Rob and Coach Jeff, also coached the Dodgers together last year.  These other two coaches are incredible; they are both gentleman and good friends of mine.  We are all also parents of team players (Domenic, Josh, and Adrian, respectively).  Last year we had amazing family support and hope to have a fan base like last year.


<strong>Dodgers win the CNLL Minor League Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</strong>


Congrats to all the players,and coaches!!!1Great JOB bOYS!!!wE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU.


Dodgers defeat the Nationals in the Double game elliminations,

game( 1 )4-0 Dodgers

game( 2) 4-1 Dodgers 




NOTE: The date for the Family Fun Day has been rescheduled (due to weather) to June 18th from 4-7 pm directly following the minor league championship game!  </strong>

We will be hosting the first CNLL BASEBALL FAMILY FIELD DAY, READ BELOW FOR DETAILS. Minor league teams are asked to bring deserts  apples, oranges, peaches, cookies , brownies , pies, cake ect................ Each division is asked to bring something Different, but if you don't want to bring deserts please bring a case of water, that would be very helpful</strong> , thanks in advance for your participation and donations.


Concord National Baseball Family Fun Day (Field Day) This Saturday June 11th.

We will be hosting the 1st Annual Family Fun DAY DOWN @ Memorial Field from 12-3pm

We will have a 15x15 ft Bouncy House

Dunk Tank,

Paper Airplane Toss.

 Three Legged Race

Potatoes Sack Races, possibly an Egg Toss

 And other Carnival (Type) games. Not the type you see at these modern carnivals. No Prizes

Just a fun day of activities! This will be a league wide event and a great day to blow off steam!!!!!



Pony Drinks(Juice Boxes, canned Soda, and Water Bottles) NO ALCOHOL!!!!!! 

 Minor -Desserts, brownies, cookies, cake and pie ect...

Majors and Challengers -chips, pretzells , snacks , fruit snacks applesand oranges . Please bring your picnic blanket and a smile along aswell. Please see Coach Jason  if you can bring something!




Click on the CALENDER tab to your left to see all our scheduled games and practices.  If there are any changes, one of the coaches will be updating the site.  Parents: It is your responsibility to ensure that you check the site regularly for changes. Players: It is NOT your parent's responsibility to take care of your baseball equipment (HATS, GLOVES, CLEATS,WATER BOTTLE, ETC.)...  IT IS YOURS!

Practices: Players will need to bring water, baseball glove, baseball hat, and a cup if you plan on playing in a catchers position. You may not wear shorts or sandles to practice.

We are looking forward to a great year of baseball and hope you all are too!  Thank you,

-Coaches Jason, Jeff and Rob 

Special Thanks to Coach Jeff for helping with this website and Coach Rob for continued Dedication and constant Ideas for getting our ball players well trained and prepared for a Great season of baseball. 

Wednesday, April 27
Field Clean Up Day.

A special THANK YOU to all the Dodgers, and Coaches for your participation in  Field Clean Up Day! Baseball season is such a special season in my heart and I am sure in the hearts of many of the Dodgers' players and families.  It is nice to see that coaches, players and families take pride in our team and the fields in which our baseball players play on.  When players take part in the yearly  up keep of these fields it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. It also helps them learn to take care of things, especially things that don't belong to us. So it is my belief that doing things like this helps build a players character, confidence, team spirit and overall pride in such a great sport /activity.  Life lessons are often learned at an early age. So thank you all so very much again for your hard work and dedication. Dodgers Go blue!

Please take a moment to sign  our guest book. 

Signed your Coaches 

Wednesday, April 27
Change to Game Schedule (Game Location)


Change in game location for Friday, April 29, 2011: Game 3, Dodgers vs Derma Design.  The game was originally scheduled to be played at Grappone Field, the new location is Beaver Meadow.  The time is still scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 PM. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call me, you all should have my number.  Please make sure your player has all of their baseball equipment.  We should note that a protective cup is highly recommended but not required by the league unless you're playing the catcher position.  Also please make sure you have water bottles with water for every game and practice. Thank you!

A special thanks to Bob Wolfe, last night he handed me some tips for building strong baseball skill sets while having fun.  The other coaches and I will read through this valuable material.  Bob coached baseball for many,  many years and is a great resource for us to utilize.  In addition, one of our other parents, Scott, helped out with some pitching tips.  Scott we appreciate that and thank you much.

John, another parent, helped out one day with some fielding for the players by hitting balls for us when we were down a Coach so many thanks to John as well!

These are great examples of great support from the Parents and Sponsors of our Players!

Monday, May 9
Practice Date Change

The Dodgers will have practice tonight, Monday, May 9, 2011 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at Cypress Field.  There will be NO practice tomorrow (Tuesday, May 10, 2011).