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Player Registration In Full Swing

2015 Registration is now open!!!

Player registration dates are scheduled for:

  • December 6, 2014 - $115 registration fee for the first player
  • December 13, 2014 - $115 registration fee for the first player
  • January 10, 2015 - League tryout day, $140 registration fee for the first player
  • January 11, 2015 - League tryout day, $140 registration fee for the first player 


Registration will be held at the Mountain Mike's Pizza at the Brookvale Shopping Center for the December registration events. The January registration events and try outs will be held at Patterson Elementary School. Times for all above dates is between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. For more information about registration please contact our League Player Agent Veronica Rogers at 510-862-0810 or by email at


District 14 Umpires Meeting - Obstruction & Interference

At this month's Umpire Meeting we will be discussing Obstruction & Interference: 
  • Come and learn the difference between the two.
  • Experience the different types of Interference (not personal of course, that would be a different session!).
  • Find out how to watch out for what's going on.
  • Understand what penalties to apply.
  • Get answers to all your questions.

Who should attend
  • All those who umpire, whether you do 1 game or 50 games
  • Managers & Coaches who want to understand the topic to better teach the kids
  • Anyone who wants to better understand the game at all levels

When and where
  • 7pm, Tuesday December 16 at Centerville Round Table.
More info
  • If you have any questions or situations you’d like addressed, please send an email to and we’ll make sure they are covered.
  • Get a head start on the season and come join us.

CNLL Boundary Map
CNLL Territory Map

Thinking of signing up your child to play little league baseball? In order for your child to play in Centerville National Little League you must live within our boundaries. If you live within the green area on the map then your child is eligible to play for Centerville National Little League. If you live outside the green area, your child may still be able to play for Centervile National Little League under the provisions of a waiver; however, there may be restrictions on waivered players. For more information please contact CNLL Player Agent Veronica Rogers by email at or by phone at 510-862-0810.

You can also download a PDF version of the Boundary Map.

Why Little League Baseball?
Community, Little League Baseball and Centerville National Little League is first and foremost about community. Our program is built so your children have the opportunity to play baseball with their friends from their school and neighborhood – giving them the opportunity to make, build and continue long-lasting friendships. By drawing families and players from within our boundary, we create a natural group that makes for a dedicated community of volunteers whose goal it is to see that every player has fun and succeeds in their time within our League.

As part of Little League, Centerville National, provides support and structure that other programs don't. Chartered Little Leagues play under time-tested safety rules and regulations – including rules that mandate every player plays every game! Mandatory use of the safest equipment possible -- much of it developed through Little League (the batting helmet, full-size chest protector, catcher's helmet, non-woodbats, etc.); Training seminars and clinics for league officers,managers/coaches, umpires and other volunteers are held locally and atRegional Headquarters in: Williamsport, PA.; St. Petersburg, FL.;Indianapolis, IN.; Waco, TX; San Bernardino, CA.; and Bristol, CT.;Little League has initiatives to make life better for everyone. Weoffer a Manager/Coach Education Program, Safety Program (ASAP),Emergency Management Training Program and a Challenger Division formentally and physically disabled youth; Little League also educates the parents in the best way to make the Little League experience a good onefor the entire family through books and videos; A chartered Little League is a semi-autonomous organization, operated by volunteers fromwithin the community, with the betterment of the community as the goal.

And most exciting, Chartered Little Leagues have an option to take part in the International Tournament, starting with the tournament play at the District level and moving to Sectional, State, Regional tournaments, before moving on to the National and International tournament games -  and most traveling expenses for the players are defrayed beyond the local level. There is major network television coverage, and coverage in all other types of media. No other program does as much for its membership, and the international recognition of Little League is unmatched by any other youth sports organization.  Imagine your child playing for the championship of the world on ABC Wide World of Sports! It ONLY happens with a chartered Little League program.

The next time someone asks, “Why Little League?”, the answer is easy.It's all about a community dedicated to giving children and their families a fun, exciting and gratifying experience building friendships while playing baseball. Join our community and experience a program dedicated to your family!

Wednesday, February 5
Centerville National Little League

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