C. Milton Wright Mustangs: XC News and Results

Thursday, May 31
2007 Wright Co-Ed Xc Relays entry info
Coaches attached is the entry info for the first every co-ed xc relay meet at CMW.
Handout: Wright Co-Ed XC Relays

Tuesday, July 18
2006 XC Schedule
I have put the 2006 schedule on the site. Try and avoid scheduling conflicts if you can.
Handout: XC 2006

Tuesday, August 29
Scrimmage Results
I have posted the scrimmage meet results. Excellent work today. Please, Please, Please try and replenish the fluids that were lost today.
Handout: XC Scrimmage 2006

Tuesday, September 5
Barnhardt Invite info and directions
The meet is Saturday Sept. 9th with the first race starting at 10 am. Here is the race schedule:
10 am girls varsity
10:35 boys varsity
11:00 girls b race
11:45 boys b race

The bus will leave school at 7:15 am. Please be at school by 7:10 am.

Directions to Dulaney High School: (easiest to follow)
I-95 South to I-695 West to I-83 North, Take Padonia Rd exit, and head east. Dulaney high school is on Padonia Rd. 255 East Padonia Rd.

I also need a parent volunteer to take our massive tent to the meet if possible.

Saturday, September 9
2006 Barnhardt Invitational Results
I have posted all of the results. Please let me know if there are any errors. It got really confusing in the open/jv races.

Handout: 2006 Barnhardt Invite

Friday, September 15
Excellent job in the rain today.
Great job in the rain today. For the boys B results please double check your finish places. I may have messed some up.
Handout: Harford Invite

Wednesday, September 20
Fast times at C. Milton Wright High
Nice job today. The times reflect alot of hard work.
Handout: Results of 9/20/06

Tuesday, September 26
Great 5k times at Bel Air today
Great job today at Bel Air High School. Coach Izzo and I were very impressed with the way all who ran handled themselves.
Handout: Bel Air 9/26

Saturday, September 30
Bull Run Results
Great job today. We have to keep working hard and stay focus on our goals and good things will happen.
Handout: Bull Run Results

Wednesday, October 4
Nice Job against Fallston and Joppatowne
Excellent job today. Conditions were a little warm, but everyone did an excellent job and gave a great effort.
Handout: Results of 10/04/06

Friday, October 13
Links to Mr. Wheeler's photos




Thank you so much Mr. Wheeler

Saturday, October 14
Great Job at Bobcat Invite
Excellent work today. Improvement continues.
Handout: Bobcat Invite 2006

Thursday, October 19
Mustang Girls win Chesapeake Championships
Great job today. Results are attached.
Handout: Chesapeake Championships

Thursday, October 19
Link to Mr. Wheeler's Bobcat Invite Photos
Click on the headline to go to the photo album website. Thanks again to Mr. Wheeler

Thursday, October 26
Bailey and Provonche lead Mustangs
Great job today. 2 weeks until the big one.
Handout: UCBAC 2006 xc

Thursday, November 2
Girls 2nd and Boys 3rd at Regions
Both teams qualified for the 2006 Md State XC championships next weekend at Hereford High School.

Girls Results:
Sara B: 19:15
Lindsay S: 20:05
Erica S: 20:39
Hannah M: 20:49
Lindsay L: 20:51
Lindsay C: 21:19
Shannon R: 21:24

Boys Results:
Matt P: 16:19
Pete H: 16:36
Paul O: 17:21
Nick B: 17:42
Jason T: 17:52
Steve O: 17:59
Chaz P: 18:13

Saturday, November 11
Girls 6th and Boys 13th at state championships
Nice work today and another good season is in the books.

Sara B: 21:05
Lindsay S: 21:21
Lindsay L: 21:57
Erica S: 22:13
Hannah M: 22:21
Shannon R: 23:13
Lindsay C: 23:34

Pete H: 17:51
Matt P: 17:55
Paul O: 18:43
Nick B: 19:04
Chaz P: 19:16
Steve O: 19:27
Jason T: 19:41

Wednesday, February 7
2007 XC schedule
I know it is early, but this is pretty much our 07 xc schedule
Handout: 07 XC Schedule

Tuesday, August 28
Results from 8/28/07 Scrimmage meet
Great job today. I will bring last season's scrimmage meet results to practice on Wednesday.
Handout: xc 07 scrimmage

Saturday, September 8
Boys win Barnhardt!!!!
Congratulations to the boys team for their win today.  Great job to everyone today.  It was very hot.  Remember our biggest goal is not to beat ourselves!!!  Becca Mayo and Jamie Sokolis I need your places so I can retrieve your times.   Click on the headline to see full results.  Or you can download our team results.
Handout: Barnhardt 07 Results

Sunday, September 9
Mr. Wheeler's Photo website
Mr. Wheeler does an awesome job taking photos at our meets.  Click on the headline to go to his site, and view the pictures.

Saturday, September 15
Wright XC Relay Results
Great job everyone.   By far our best effort so far this season.  Keep up the hard work.
Handout: Wright XC Relays Results

Wednesday, September 19
Results from 9-19-07

Great job today.  It was a little warmer than normal, but still the improvement from the scrimmage meet was amazing.  Keep up the hard work.



Handout: Results from 9-19-07

Sunday, September 23
Girls win a close one at William and Mary
Great job, and a very competitive meet.  We are very close to where we need to be at this point in the season.   A great time was had by all.
Handout: William and Mary Results

Tuesday, September 25
Great job at North East
Without a doubt one of our best team efforts at North East.
Handout: North East Results 9-25

Saturday, September 29
Great job at Bull Run (Girls score 45 points!!!)
Great job out there, we are very close to where we need to be at this point.  We still have some things to work on, but this was a very good day.
Handout: Bull Run Results 07

Thursday, October 11
Great job today in the time trial!!
Excellent job today.   Some great improvements were shown.
Handout: Great job at Time Trial today!!!!!

Thursday, October 11
2007 XC Team Photos
Click on the headline to go to the team photo site.  Thanks again to Mr. Wheeler. 

Saturday, October 13
Meade Classic Results
Great job at Meade.   Remember this was a full 5km.  Some great times were put up today.  We still have work to do, but we are getting better each time out.
Handout: Meade Classic Results

Thursday, October 18
2007 Chesapeake Results
Attached are the results from the 07 xc divisional meet.
Handout: Ches xc 07

Friday, October 26
Boys and Girls win UCBAC's
Congratulations to both the boys and girls for winning the 2007 UCBAC XC Championships.   Also congratulations to Sara Bailey for winning her 3rd UCBAC title.
Handout: UCBAC XC Results 07

Thursday, November 1
Boys win region, girls very close as both qualify for states
Congrats to all.  We are still looking really good for next weekend.
Handout: Regional XC 2007

Friday, November 2
Nov. 2 time trial results
Attached are the results from the 11/2 time trial.  Great job everyone.
Handout: Nov. 2 Time trial results

Monday, December 3
Sara Bailey and Shannon Rafferty make Running Maryland.com all state teams
Congrats to Sara Bailey and Shannon Rafferty for being named to the Running Maryland All State Teams.  Sara was named to the second team and Shannon to the third.

Friday, December 14
5 Mustangs earn Baltimore Sun All-Metro Honors

A total of 5 CMW XC runners earned some type of All-Metro honors from the Baltimore Sun.  Congrats to all.

 Sara Bailey 1st team

Pete Houlihan 2nd team

Shannon Rafferty 2nd team

Lindsay Smith 2nd team

Erica Scripa Honorable mention

Saturday, August 30
Scrimmage Results and Photos

Tuesday, September 9
Results of 09-09
Great job today.  
Handout: 09-09-08 Results

Saturday, September 13
Results of XC Relays
Great job out there today.  It was very hot, and the course was a little wet.    Times were good.   Remember split squad next week.   We had a very tough week this week.   It is ok for your legs to feel a little tired.  
Handout: 08 XC Relays

Tuesday, September 16
Results of 9-16 North Harford and Harford Tech
Great job today.   Some great improvements from last week.
Handout: 09-16-08

Sunday, September 21
Girls 3rd at William and Mary Invite

In our first big meet of the season the girls took home a solid 3rd place at William and Mary.   The girls were lead by Shannon Rafferty, Erica Scripa, Whitney Hora, Hannah McKenzie, and Alanna Sweetser.   The boys also had a great meet and were lead by Alex Kammerer, Dan Colopietro, Scott Wheeler, Luke Burke, and Mike Fischer.   It was a great trip, and well worth going down to VA.   BULL RUN is next week.


Click on the headline for full results!!!

Wednesday, October 1
Results of Bel Air meet
Attached are today's results.  
Handout: Results 10-01-08

Saturday, October 11
Girls win Bull Run, boys finish 4th

Great job today.   One month till states, alot of work to be done, but today was a great day for CMW.

Handout: Bull Run 08 Results

Friday, October 17
Divisional Results
Great job yesterday.   Izzo and I were very pleased with the effort and attitude yesterday. 
Handout: Divisional Results

Thursday, October 23
Girls win UCBAC Championship, boys 3rd
Congratulations to all for a great effort today.   The girls have won every UCBAC championship since the league started.   I have attached our results, and if you click on the headline you can view full results.
Handout: UCBAC XC Results

Thursday, October 30
Girls win regionals, and boys finish 3rd
Both the boys and girls team qualified for the state championships next weekend at Hereford high school.    The girls won the 4a north region championships, and the boys finished 3rd.    Congratulations to both teams, one week to go, and alot of work has to be done.
Handout: 4a North Region Championships

Tuesday, December 23
Boys and Girls at the board of ed meeting
Here are the photos of the boys and girls at the board of ed meeting.

Saturday, November 10

Great job today.  Congratulations to all, especially the girls for winning the 2007 state championship.  Great job to the boys as well for a top 5 finish.  This is the best group finish we have had in 3 or 4 years.

1. C. Milton Wright (Hfd
    7  Sara Bailey, Sr*            19:46    6:23
   16  Shannon Rafferty, So*       20:10    6:30
   19  Lindsay Smith, Jr*          20:25    6:35
   22  Erica Scripa, Jr*           20:31    6:37
   32  Whitney Hora, So*           21:06    6:48
   45  Hannah McKenzie, Jr*        21:34    6:57
   68  Lindsay Lippencott, Sr*     22:34    7:16
Time = 1:41:57     Places = 96

4. C. Milton Wright (Hfd
    7  Pete Houlihan, Sr           17:13    5:33
   27  Steve Otradovec, Sr         17:50    5:45
   35  Paul Otradovec, Sr          17:53    5:46
   36  Tyler Baxter, Sr            17:54    5:46
   67  Nick Baxter, Sr             18:21    5:55
   70  Alex Kammerer, Jr           18:23    5:56
   97  Jason Thompson, Jr          18:50    6:04


view full size
Tuesday, October 21
08 XC Team Photos
view full size
Here are the team photos we took at practice.

Tuesday, September 9
Mr. Wheeler's 08 photo site
Click on the headline to go to Mr. Wheeler's 08 photo site.

Saturday, August 29
2009 Time Trial Results
Great job today.   Coach Izzo and myself were very impressed with the effort that was given.    The results are attached.
Handout: 09 XC Time Trial

Tuesday, September 8
Great job in first meet
Excellent job today.   Remember this is our main starting point, and now the work begins.   Coach Izzo and I saw a lot of great things today.   Both the boys and girls won, but team scores will not be available till later.  Our team results are attached.
Handout: Results 09-08-09

Tuesday, September 15
Results from the Bo Manor Meet
Great job today.  It was a little warmer than normal, and everyone handled it very well.
Handout: Bo Manor 09 Results

Sunday, September 20
Boys Win at William and Mary Invite, Girls 3rd
Great job for our first big meet.   The boys ran an excellent race, and really packed it in to win their division at William and Mary.  Not to be outdone the girls were 3rd in their division.   Whitney Hora got her first big victory winning the girls race by outkicking Shannon Rafferty, a 1-2 finish was awesome.   Click on the headlines for results.

Saturday, September 26
Girls win at Bull Run, Boys 6th
Congratulations to the girls for their win today at Bull Run.  The boys finished 6th.  Also congrats to the girls b team for an exceptional effort at the end of the day.
Handout: Bull Run 09

Thursday, October 1
Boys and Girls win at North Harford
Great job for those who ran at North Harford.  Both the boys and girls teams beat North Harford.   North Harford's course was much harder than anticipated.   Great work.
Handout: North Harford 09

Thursday, October 8
Great job at 2nd Home meet
Some great performances were put up today.   The hard work is paying off, and now is the time when you want to start running well.   Remember late October and November are the most important times of the year.
Handout: Home meet 10-8

Tuesday, October 13
Girls 3rd and Boys 4th at Bulldog Invite
Great job to those who participated at the Bulldog Invite.   Click on the headline for

Thursday, October 22
Chesapeake Division Meet Results
Results from today attached.
Handout: Ches xc 09

Thursday, October 29
Both teams 3rd at UCBAC's
We had some great performances, and also  we made some mistakes that we have to try and fix before the region meet next week.
Handout: UCBAC XC 09

Friday, November 6
Boys and Girls Qualify for state championships

Both the boys and girls teams advanced to the state championships.   The girls finished 2nd and the boys were 3rd.   Good luck to both teams next Saturday at Hereford.


Handout: Regions 2009 XC

Monday, November 16
Girls 4th and Boys 11th at State Championships!!!!!

Congratulations to all on a great season, and special congratulations to Shannon Rafferty, Whitney Hora, and Luke Burke for earning all-state honors by medaling at the state meet. 

4. C. M. Wright
    8  Shannon Rafferty, Sr*      21:27    7:09
    9  Whitney Hora, Sr*          21:31    7:10
   35  Kelly Paduch, Sr*          23:05    7:41
   47  Kelsey Lippencott, So*     23:34    7:51
   52  Julia Rodenas, Sr*         23:46    7:55
   76  Brittany Dooling, Sr*      24:44    8:15
   81  Kaitlin McCabe, So*        24:57    8:19

11. C. M. Wright
   23  Luke Burke, Sr             18:20    6:07
   33  Dan Colopietro, Sr         18:42    6:14
   52  Ian Longenecker, Sr        18:58    6:19
   66  Jeremy Palmer, Sr          19:16    6:25
   89  Zach Longenecker, Sr       19:42    6:34
   96  Dave Donati, Sr            19:51    6:37
  107  Kyle Cloonan, Sr           20:09    6:43

view full size
Tuesday, October 13
2009 Cross Country Team Photos
view full size

Thursday, March 11
Mile Time Trial Results
Great job today.   We have some great starting points, and now the work will really begin.
Handout: Time Trial

Saturday, November 8

Congratulations to the girls for successfully defending their state title.   It was a great day for all of you who ran.   Click on the headling for full results.


1. C. Milton Wright
  912     8  Shannon Rafferty, Jr*       20:25    6:48
  909    11  Erica Scripa, Sr*           20:36    6:52
  908    18  Whitney Hora, Jr*           21:01    7:00
  913    23  Alanna Sweetser, Sr*        21:08    7:03
  907    33  Hannah McKenzie, Sr*        21:28    7:09
  910    45  Lindsay Smith, Sr*          21:55    7:18
  911    87  Brittany Dooling, Jr*       22:59    7:40
Time = 1:44:36     Places = 93


13. C. Milton Wright
  917    34  Alex Kammerer, Sr           18:01    6:00
  916    67  Mike Fischer, Sr            18:32    6:11
  919    71  Daniel Colopietro, Jr       18:34    6:11
  914    75  Luke Burke, Jr              18:37    6:12
  918    76  Scott Wheeler, Sr           18:37    6:12
  920    99  Tyler Quill, Sr             19:10    6:23
  915   113  Mike Newman, Sr             19:36    6:32
Time = 1:32:20     Places = 323


Links to Race Videos:

Girls Race:



Boys Race:



Erica and Shannon's interview:



Monday, August 23
Great job on time trial

Excellent job on the time trial.   Keep up the hard work.   Parents meeting and spike night tonight at 6 pm in the cafeteria.

Handout: xc time trial 2010

Tuesday, September 7
Boys win season opener, girls a close 2nd
Congratulations for an outstanding effort in today's heat.   The boys opened their season with an impressive win, and the girls were not be outdone finished a close 2nd in their meet.
Handout: Results 9-7-10

Tuesday, September 7
2010 XC Schedule

Wednesday, September 15
Running Maryland covers 2nd league meet
Running Maryland was on hand to cover CMW's 2nd league meet.  Running Maryland is the state website for results and info about high school running.   Great job yesterday click on the headline to go to the site for results.

Thursday, September 16
William and Mary Info
Attached is the info for this year's William and Mary trip.
Handout: William and Mary Info

Sunday, September 19
Boys and Girls finish 8th at William and Mary

Click on the headline for results.   Great job everyone.  One of the most competitive invites you can run in.

Wednesday, September 22
Boys and Girls 2nd at Aberdeen meet
Both groups ran really well at Aberdeen.   The hard work is showing as times keep getting faster.
Handout: Results Aberdeen 9-21-10

Monday, September 27
Hot day at Bull Run
Nice job in extremely tough conditions.   The girls were 7th, and the boys 9th.
Handout: Bull Run 10

Tuesday, September 28
Bobcat Invite Info
Attached you will find in the info for this Saturday's Bobcat Invitational.
Handout: Bobcat Invite Info

Wednesday, September 29
Patterson Mill Results
Nice job at Patterson Mill.  Keep up the hard work, and stay focused.
Handout: 9-28-10

Saturday, October 2
Improvement comes at Bobcat Invite
Both teams showed some good improvement at the Bobcat Invite.  Special congrats to Matt Hoerr for a top 10 finish.  Click on headlines to go varsity results.  CMW results on handout.
Handout: Bobcat results 2010

Wednesday, October 6
Results of 10/5/10 Meet at Elkton

Tuesday, October 19
Boys and Girls 3rd at divisionals
Great job in the rain.  Click on the headline for full results.

Wednesday, October 20
Mustangs run well in final home meet of season
Some great performances were done yesterday.   The coaches were very happy with the effort given throughout the season.
Handout: Oct. 19 2010 results

Wednesday, October 20
2010 Home Course time comparison
If you ran in both home meets you can compare times.   The improvement is easily noticable.
Handout: 2010 xc home course comparison

Friday, November 5
Maryland State Meet Schedule and Directions Boys qualifying girls just miss
The boys finished 4th in their regional meet to qualify for the state meet.   The girls missed qualifying by just 2 points.   Sydney Steinmiller and Miriam Silton both qualified individually.   It will mark the first time in almost 20 years that the girls will not run in the state meet as a team.
Click on the headline for full region results.
Maryland State Cross Country Meet
Hereford High School
Saturday, November 13, 2010
10:30  - 3A Girls Race
11:30 - 3A Boys Race
12:30 - 4A & 3A Awards

Sunday, September 13
2010 CMW XC Photo site
Click on the headline to go to our 2010 xc photo site.   If you send me photos I will try my best to get them up there.   Enjoy

Wednesday, June 1
XC 2011 Schedule and summer training plan
Attached you will find the 2011 xc schedule and summer training plans.
Handout: xc 11 Schedule and summer training

Wednesday, August 17
Great Job On the time trial
Excellent job today.  Remember this is our starting point, now we begin working on improving everyday.
Handout: Time trial

Friday, September 2
Boys and Girls win Mustang Invite
Great job today.  This is the kind of effort that we need everytime we race.  Both the boys and girls won, and Matt Hoerr won the boys race.   Don't forget that we have practice at 9 am on Saturday at the ma and pa trail, and 9 am on Monday at school.
Handout: Mustang Invite

Friday, September 2
Updated team rankings after William and Mary

Tuesday, September 6
Great job in the rain and mud
Great job today.  It was great experience racing in those conditions.  I only have our results I will post team results when I get them.  I believe both won.
Handout: NH Results 9-6-11

Tuesday, September 13
Great Job in first home meet.
Great job today.  The coaches saw alot of you trying to improve.  We know the heat was tough.
Handout: Home Meet 9-13-11

Saturday, September 17
Fast times at William and Mary!

Led by the girls B team's 2nd place finish, all of the teams ran very well.  Everyone showed great improvement from last year.   Bull Run next week!!!

 Click on headline for full results

Handout: William and Mary

Saturday, September 17
Race Line-ups for Elkton 9-20 and Bull Run 9-24
Attached are the line-ups for the upcoming weeks races.
Handout: Race Line up 9-20 and 9-24

Tuesday, September 20
Great Job at Fair Hill Today
Great job today.  You can definately see improvement.
Handout: Results 9-20-11

Saturday, September 24

Nice effort today, but we can do better.   Remember there is more to running than just doing the workouts.  Attitude, Desire, and Confidence could be more important than what you actually run.

Click on headline for full results.

Boys:                                Girls:

Matt H: 18:38                   Miriam S: 22:10

Dan F: 19:04                     Kaitlin M: 22:45

Ben S: 19:33                      Kelley O: 22:51

Max A: 19:39                    Megan C: 23:11

Corey B: 19:57                  Becca P: 23:30

Riley B: 19:58                   Sydney S: 24:48

Sam L: 20:10                     Caitlyn S: 25:51

Dan O: 20:36                    Angela W: 26:03

Mike C: 20:45                  Jacelyn M: 26:04

Mike N: 21:08                  Jenna L: 26:08

Cam C: 21:11                     Liz D: 26:46

Brad E: 21:15                    Ashley B: 27:11

Nick S: 21:23                   Meaghan L: 27:22

Connor N: 21:47               Brenna O: 27:38

Adam W: 21:58



view full size
Wednesday, September 28
2011 Team Photos
2011 Team Photos.

view full size

Tuesday, October 4
Results of the time trial
Great job today.  Alot of pr's and fast times.  Now we must keep up the work, and really prepare for the bigger meets.
Handout: Results 10-4

Tuesday, October 11
Boys and Girls finish 2nd at Divisional Championships
Good job today.  Keep up the hard work, good things will come from it.  Attached are our results only by each race.
Handout: Chesapeake Div 11 results

Tuesday, October 18
Girls Win at Rising Sun
A great effort was put forth.  We are now entering the big 3 meets.  Time to buckle down, and for the excuses to stop.
Handout: Results of Rising Sun 10-18

Thursday, October 27
Girls Win UCBAC Title, JV Boys Win UCBAC, Varsity Boys and JV girls 2nd
Great overall team effort.   The best thing is we still have room for improvement.   Attached are out team results, click on the headline for full results of the meet. 
Handout: 2011 UCBAC Championships

Thursday, November 3
Girls 2nd and Boys 3rd as both qualify for the state championships

Nice job today.  Now we prepare for the big race.

Handout: Regions

Thursday, November 17
O'Neill, and Hoerr earn all state as girls finish 6th, and guys 12th at the state meet.
Great job, and a great season.  We are definatley on the road back to a championship team.  Special congrats to Kelley, Miriam, Kaitlin, Taylor, Dan F, and Matt for earning all county, and Kelley and Matt for earning all-state.

Wednesday, August 31
Mustang Invite 2 Mile Course
Click on the headline to view the Mustang Invite course.

Thursday, January 17
Many make All-County

Click on headline to see photos of all of the all county xc athletes.


After both teams qualified for States, a total of 10 athletes were named all county.   

Tuesday, October 9
Boys and girls 2nd at Chesapeake Meet
Some fast times on a really fast course.   

Thursday, October 25
Girls 2nd and Boys 3rd at UCBAC's
Some very fast times to end the year for some.   Girls B was 2nd and Boys B was first.

Tuesday, October 2
Girls win boys 2nd at Bo Manor
Nice job on a difficult day.  The rain can be a huge distraction.

Tuesday, September 25
Bull Run and Aberdeen results
Click on the headline to go to our results website.  All results are posted.

Sunday, September 16
Boys and Girls 2nd at William and Mary
Great job this weekend.  We still have room for improvement, but great effort on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 11
Great job at Tollgate Park
Great effort today.  Very impressed with the effort alot of personal best were run today.

Wednesday, September 5
Boys and Girls win at North Harford
Two things continued: both teams winning, and the hot weather.   There is room for a lot of improvement, just keep working hard.

Tuesday, October 4
2011 Photo Album added
Click on Albums and then on xc 11

Tuesday, August 14
Great Job on the time trial
Click on the headline to go to the result site.  Great job today.  Now the work begins.

Friday, August 31
Boys and Girls win Mustang Invite
Great effort today in very tough conditions.   Most ran faster than last year, even with a more difficult course, and much hotter day.  Now the real work begins.  Remember to run on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 10
Results from Tues. Sept. 10
Great job today, very tough conditions.
Handout: XC 13