C. Milton Wright Mustangs: Past Track Results

Girls Run well at Montgomery Invite
Megan Ravenscraft, Leah Estremera, Danielle Burcham, and Kelli Buck did a fantastic job at the Montgomery Invitational on Jan. 10th. The girls started with the 4 x 8 relay, and a official mistake costs the girls about 20 seconds, but they still ended up running 10:20. Splits were: Megan 2:24, Leah 2:34, Danielle 2:40, Kelli 2:22. I took the 20 secs off. The girls then came back to win their heat again in the distance medley in 13:20 splits were: Megan 3:53, Leah 2:38, Danielle 1:10, and Kelli 5:31. Excellent job ladies, I am still waiting on results from the Baltimore Armory meet.

Delaware Open goes very well
The meet at Univ of Delaware went very well. Mike Disney, Kevin Rate, and Chad Erickson all ran pr's in the mile. Mike ran 4:57, Kevin ran 5:01, and Chad ran 5:07, that is for the full mile about 2 secs longer than the 1600. Kelli Buck ran 62 and 2:25 for the 400 and 800, Megan Ravenscraft ran 5:33 and 2:26 for the mile and 800. Matt Provonche ran 1:04, and 2:50, while Alex Shaffer ran 1:10 and 3:00, Melanie Powell ran 6:06 for the mile, and Brittany Feyer ran 1:19 for the 400. Nice job everyone.

Spring 2004 Track Schedule

Tues. March 23 Bel Air/Aberdeen @ CMW
Tues. April 30 Joppa/HDG         @ CMW
Sat. April 3   Beltway Classic   @ Bowie State
Tues. April 6   Edge/Fall         @ CMW
Tues. April 13 NE/NHHS/HT       @ NHHS
Sat. April 17 Wright Relays    @ CMW
Tues. April 20 Bel Air/Fall      @ BA
Tr/Fr April 24/25 Penn Relays    @ Univ of Penn
Wed. April 28 NHHS/Edge         @ CMW
We/Tr May 13/14 Counties          @ CMW
Sat. May 22    Regionals         @ Catonsville High
Fr/Sa May 28/29 States            @ Morgan State Univ.

All meets during the week will start at 3:00, the weekend meets will be announced. On Saturday April 3rd will probably go to South River or a meet in Delaware. Some meets maybe added or changed.

Results from 4/28
3200 Relay:
G: Kelli B 2:28, Kesley D 2:44, Susan D 2:38, Megan R 2:23
B: Josh Kn 2:13, Mike D 2:13, Kevin R 2:10, Josh Kr 2:10
A. Schoeb, 2:34, Doug M 2:42, Tim S 2:46, Brett H 2:51
Dan Be 2:34, Alex S 2:42, C Wells 2:30, Lance B 2:24
Adam B 2:34, Josh F 2:37, R. Paul 2:39, Matt P 2:16

Leah E 5:26                Barshied B 4:33
Danielle B 5:40        John G 4:44
Amanda F 5:44        Matt K 4:44
Melissa H 5:45        Danny Ba 4:51
Christine K 5:58        Brandon H 4:53
Hollin R 6:12                Chad E 4:59        
Abbey S 6:12                Dave W 5:02
Erin B 6:13                Matt M 5:26
Steph B 6:14                
Kaileen A 6:15
Lauren R 6:32
Sarah B 6:44
Brittnay F 6:47
Danielle M 6:47

400:                        3200:
Susan D 68                Mike D 10:30                Megan R 11:32
Josh Kr 52                Josh Kn 10:36                Kelli B 11:56
Chris B 54                Kevin R 10:37                Melanie P 13:18        
                        Matt P 11:21                Jillian R 13:23
                        Josh F 11:27                Lindley A 13:31
                        Chris W 12:09

Leah E 2:29                Rachel L 3:00                Barshied B 2:03        Andrew H 2:33
Danielle B 2:33        Kate J 3:01                Kyle W 2:10                Dan Be 2:37
Melissa H 2:37        Jackie H 3:01                Matt K 2:10                Nate S 2:40
Amanda F 2:41        Alex L 3:05                Brandon H 2:14        Brad M 2:42
Kelsey D 2:43                Hannah G 3:11        Danny Ba 2:17
Laura S 2:44                Michelle L 3:15        Dave W 2:18
Maggie M 2:45        Amber K 3:16                Steve K 2:26
Lindsay N 2:58        Courtney G 3:17        Andrew H 2:33
                        Casey B 3:26

Kelli B 64, Susan D 69, Megan R 63            Barshied 55

Buck Runs 5:04 at Penn Relays
Kelli Buck ran a great race at the Penn Relays to finish in 5:04. Congratulations to Kelli.

Last Home meet Wednesday at 4 pm
Due to early dismissal at the elementary school the meet on Wednesday will not start until 4 pm.

Wright Relays Roster
Here is a roster of who is running what on Saturday.
4 x mile:
G: Kelli Buck, Megan Ravenscraft, Leah Estremera, and Danielle Burcham
B: Mike Disney, Matt Klaschus, John German, Dan Bailey

4 x 800:
G: Jillian Roberts, Christine Kaye, Susan Dael, Melanie Powell
B: Barshied Bowman, Josh Kres, Brandon Hepner, Josh Knight

Distance Medley:
G: Kelli Buck, Megan Ravenscraft, Leah Estremera, Danielle Burcham
B: Mike Disney, Chris Becker, Josh Kres, Barshied Bowman

4 x 400:
B: Chris B, Josh Kr

Wright Relays Saturday
The Wright Relays will be held Saturday April 17, 2004. If you are not running I need help with selling t-shirts, handing out medals, and running results up to the press box. Please help out and you can also support your team mates that are running.

Girls Set 2 Records at Wright Relays
The Wright relays were excellent. The girls team of Kelli Buck, Megan Ravenscraft, Danielle Burcham, and Leah Estremera set records i the distance medley 13:12, and in the 4 x 1600 22:08. The team of Josh Kres, Barshied Bowman, Josh Knight, and Brandon Hepner just missed the 4 x 800 record with a time of 8:24. The team of Mike Disney, Josh Knight, Josh Kres, and Chris Becker finished 3rd in the distance medley in 11:33, while Matt Klaschus, Mike Disney, Kevin Rate, and John German finished 4th in the 4 x 1600 in 19:11. The team of Christine Kaye, Susan Dael, Melanie Powell, and Jillian Roberts finished 5th in the 4 x 800. Great job everybody especially those that helped with all the extra stuff, thanks also to the parents for their help.

Excellent 1500 times at Beltway Classic
Today's meet was fantastic. The 1500 really got things rolling. For the girls Kelli Buck's 4:43(1st place) translates into a 5:01(3rd place) for 1600, Megan Ravenscraft's 4:50 translates to about 5:08 for 1600. John German ran 4:20 (2nd place) which translates to a 4:37, Mike Disney's 4:22(3rd place) translates to a 4:39 (4th place), while Matt Klaschus's 4:23 translates to 4:40. Barshied Bowman won the 800 in 2:01 and Josh Kres ran 2:05 for 3rd. In the 4 x8 all teams struggled through some cold wind the girls a team ran 10:00 for 2nd and the b team ran 10:30 for 4th. The boys ran 8:40 for 4th and the b team ran 9:00 for 6th. All the DMR's ran well as the boys a finished 2nd and the b finished 4th. In the girls race the a team finished 3rd while the b team finished 4th. Excellent job your hard work and dedication is paying off.

Girls 4 X 800 and Kelli Buck win state titles!!!!
Congratulations goes out to everybody on a great outdoor season. Special congrats to the girls 4 x 800 and Kelli Buck for winning the 1600 meter run. Megan Ravenscraft's lead off leg gave the girls a 30 meter lead, Leah Estremera increased the lead to about 50 meters, Danielle Burcham maintained the lead, and Kelli Buck finished the race off. Splits were 2:18, 2:28, 2:31, and 2:20 to win in 9:41. Kelli came back to win the 1600 on the second day in 5:08. Other great performances Barshied Bowman finished 3rd in the 800, Kelli Buck finished 2nd in the 3200, Megan Ravenscraft finished 4th in the 1600 and 6th in the 800, and 7th in the 3200. Congratulations again to everyone.

2004 Harford Coutny Champions
Congratulations to both the boys and girls teams for winning the county championships. Almost every distance runner who ran earned a medal. Here are the highlights. Kelli Buck wins the 800, 1600, and 3200. Barshied Bowman wins the 800 and 1600. Megan Ravenscraft teamed with Kelli to finish 2nd in every distance race. Leah Estremera finished 4th in both the 3200 and 800. Josh Kres was 2nd in the 400 and 800. Mike Disney was 4th in the 3200 and 5th in the 1600. John German was 4th in the 1600 and 5th in the 800. Danny Bailey was 6th in the 3200. The 3200 relays won, and the boys 1600 relay won, while the girls 1600 relay was 3rd.

Excellent job against HDG in the cold
Great job yesterday. I will try and put full results up later on Thursday. Highlights include. Barshied's 2:01 split, Josh Kres's 2:02 split, and Melissa Hind's 2:33 split. Leah and Mike D ran great 1600 times 5:39 and 4:48 respectively. Danielle ran a great 12:26 2 mile, and Matt P got his first win in the 2 mile. In the 800 Kelli ran a strong 2:26 while both Josh's ran good 8's in 2:06 and 2:10. Saturday is a huge day, please start preparing.

Excellent job in first meet.
Everybody ran great today in the meet. For our first meet everything went better than expected. The weather will get better and so will the times. Here are some highlights I will post and have complete results up on Wednesday.
Kelli Buck 5:14, Danielle Burcham 5:45
Barshied Bowman 4:46, John German 4:51, Josh Knight 4:59
Megan Ravenscraft 11:47, Leah Estremera 11:59
Mike Disney 10:27, Matt Klaschus 10:34, Kevin Rate 10:44
Kelli Buck 2:23, Melissa Hinds 2:36, Danielle Burcham 2:36
Barshied Bowman 2:07, John German 2:09

I will have more on Wednesday, once again great job.

Barshied Bowman wins Indoor 800
Barshied Bowman ran a perfect race to win the indoor state meet in the 800 meter run. Barshied showed patience and poise to wait until the last minute to go for the win. His time of 2:00 is his indoor pr. Sammy Beltz was 2nd in the high jump, Megan Ravenscraft was 4th in the mile and 5th in the 800, while Kelli Buck was 5th in the mile and 3rd in the 3200.

All Americans
The 4 x mile relay team of Megan Ravenscraft, Sara Bailey, Danielle Burcham, and Kelli Buck earned all american honors at the Nike Indoor National championships on Saturday March 12th.

Girls win Falcon Invitational

Success at Northern Virginia Invite

Results from 3/31

Indoor States A Success

Boys win Wright Relays, girls 2nd, both win at North Harford
The boys team had a big week winning both the Wright Relays and against North Harford on Tuesday. The girls beat North Harford but finished 2nd to Fallston at the Wright Relays. Highlights included:
North Harford: Wins by both 3200 relays; Lindsay Lippencott's 2nd place finishes in the 1600 and 800, Mike Hmelnicky's 2nd in the 3200, John German's 2nd place in the 1600. Susan Dael had a big day in leading both the 3200 relay and 1600 relay to wins.

Wright Relays:
The girls 4 x mile finished 2nd in a great race against Eleanor Roosevelt. The boys had a good day finishing 3rd. Dan Bailey ran a pr in finishing 3rd in the 1600 in 4:35. Megan Ravenscraft won the 1600. The boys won the 4 x 8, and finished 3rd in the DMR. The girls finished 4th in both the 4 x 8 and DMR.

Latest Results

The state championships are here, and hopefully all will go well. The following have qualified. Both the girls and boys 4 x 8, Danny B, Megan R, and Kelli B in the 1600, Danny B, Sara B, Kelli B in the 3200, Barsheid B, Josh K, Megan R in the 800. Barsheid B in the 400, and the boys 4 x 400. Good luck.

Boys 2nd at States
Thanks to outstanding performances by all the boys they finished 2nd at the outdoor state meet. This is the highest finish in the school's history. The boys got wins from Danny Bailey in the 3200, and the 3200, 1600, and 800 relays all won. Members of the relays were: 3200 relay: Josh Kres, Chris Rye, Kyle Wettlaufer, and Barsheid Bowman. 1600 relay: Josh Kres, Chris Rye, Jason Rice, and Barsheid Bowman. 800 relay: Chris Rye, Jason Rice, Lance Cannington, and Bryan Halterman.

Thursday, February 23
2006 Outdoor Track Season Ready to Begin!!!
The 2006 Outdoor track season is just one week away. This season I am going to let Danielle and Megan handle updating and adding things to the site. I will still post results and other things.

the pirate
Thursday, February 23
Matt meet the real pirate
Matt and the rest of the guys here is a real pirate!!!

Wednesday, March 29
Mustangs run well at first meet
Excellent job in the first meet of the season, and for some their first ever track meet. Some great early season times were posted. I have attached the results.

Handout: Results of 3/28/06 Bel Air and Elkton

Sunday, April 2
Updated Rising Sun Line-ups
I made some slight changes in the Rising Sun line up. Please check it and we will go over it at practice on Monday.
Handout: Rising Sun Line-up

Sunday, April 2
Great day at Pikesville
The rest of the distance crew ran their first race of the season on Saturday. Highlights include Pete Houlihan, Lindsay Lippencott, and Danielle Burcham running great 3200 meter times in a heavy wind. Pete (10:19), Lindsay (12:10), and Danielle (12:11) all did awesome. Sara Bailey had top 2 finishes in both the 1600 (5:21), and the 800 (2:26). Lindsay Carpentar, Megan Ravenscraft, and Matt Provonche all had good races consider all 3 missed practices due to illness, and family outings. Next week some will run in the Falcon Invite while others run against Rising Sun.

Wednesday, April 5
Boys and Girls win against Rising Sun
The boys and girls won all of the distance events to help the team beat Rising Sun. I have attached the results from our team.
Handout: Rising Sun

Saturday, April 8
Fallston Line-up
The Falcon Invite was cancelled so that has changed slightly who will be running what on Tuesday. I have attached the line-up sheet.

Saturday, April 8
2006 Track Performance List
Here is performance list for the outdoor track season so far. I will keep this updated, so that you can monitor yourself. The 800's also include splits as well.
Handout: 2006 Track Performance List

Friday, April 14
Fallston Results
3200 Relay:
Chaz 2:13, Mike D 2:15, Dave W 2:17, Matt P 2:15
Meg R 2:29, Sara B 2:30, Lindsay S 2:29, Kim S 2:47

Pete H: 4:39, Jeff R 4:58, Chris D 5:16, Mike M 5:22
Lindsay L 5:33, Danielle B 5:41, Lindsay C 5:48, Hannah M 5:49, Erica S 5:57, Krista L 6:06

Matt P 10:25, Chaz 10:54, Andrew J 11:25, Dan B 12:12, Jason T 12:12
Sara B 11:45, Megan R 12;02, Lindsay S: 12:25, Austin W 13:57, Maggie M 13:58

Pete H 2:10, Jeff R 2:19, Mike M 2:21
Lindsay L 2:32, Danielle B 2:32, Hannah M 2:39

Sunday, April 23
Excellent job at the Wright Relays
I have posted some photos that were went to me from a friend. Everyone ran very well yesterday. I got some splits but not all. I apologize, but as you know running the meet takes me away from splits. With yesterday's weather I didn't expect fantastic times, even though we got some. Click on the headline to view the photos.

Tuesday, May 16
Mustangs on a roll during post-season
Many have run personal bests in the last 2 weeks. Sara Bailey, Matt Provonche, Pete Houlihan, Lindsay Lippencott, Lindsay Smith, Danielle Burcham, Megan Ravenscraft, and Dave Wells have all had big meets in the last 2 weeks. Everyone should be proud of the hard work you have done over the last year. I hope that we can qualify as many people as possible for the State Championships next weekend.