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Thursday, June 4
Coaches for the 2015 Season

Saturday, August 15

Thank you everyone who came out to tryout.  We certainly appreciate the enthusiasm on the court and how sweet each of your girls are.  Unfortunately we cannot take everyone.  The results have been posted.  You can find it on the "Roster" page of the website.  The button is in the side menu bar.

To those that didn't get the spot that they wanted...keep plugging away.  This is just the beginning of a wonderful career in a very rewarding sport.

To those that did make the teams...a very large shout out to you...CONGRADULATIONS! We are looking forward to working with each of you and helping you improve your skills and love for the game.  One thing to keep in mind...the teams are not set in stone.  If you feel like the selections didn't go the way you wanted them to go...then prove us wrong in practice!  You will have plenty of opportunities to try and bump someone out of a spot.

A, B and C Team Parents - Mark your calendars.  We have a mandatory meeting this Monday night 8/17 at approximately 7:15 in the gym.  Our first practice will be cut short so that we can talk about the business side of things for the program.  I know it is curriculum night at the school for one of the grades, but please get to the gym ASAP.

You will receive an email from Marcia Ross giving you some important information as well as welcoming you to the program.

Congratulations once again and we will see you on Monday night.

Coach Eric

Tuesday, August 11
CMS Volleyball Program
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Thursday, August 6
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