Central Michigan Soccer Association: Welcome

Welcome to the Central Michigan Soccer Association

The purpose of the CMSA is to offer the best possible soccer experience for each youth player. The Association emphasizes and encourages personal development and recreational fun through the acquisition and use of soccer skills. Competition shall be viewed not merely as a vehicle for winning, but also as a healthy source of skill development, personal challenge, and an opportunity to learn and practice sportsmanship. The Association is committed to creating an atmosphere in which both boys and girls can participate, compete, and develop equally. It is the intended purpose of the association to support and foster positive working relationships with any city or community based soccer organization, toward a common goal of development of soccer in the greater central Michigan area. Please sign our Guestbook and let us know if you have any comments about our site.

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Monday, May 18
NEW: Link for Schedules, Standings, and Locations

With movement from the CMSA towards Got Soccer, there is a new place to view schedules, results, and field locations for games. Please visit here for that information.

Tuesday, December 1
March CMSA Board Meeting

The Next CMSA Board Meeting will be March 15th at 6pm at Artesian Wells Restaurant.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Nic Laporte at CMSADIRECTOR@gmail.com