CMR Lacrosse Tournaments: Welcome

Blue Turkey Lacrosse Classic

Welcome to the Blue Turkey Lacrosse Classic being held at Ranch Bernardo High School on Saturday, November 24th & Sunday, November 25th, 2012.  This competetive lacrosse tournament is geared for those players that are in the 5th - 8th grade.

The goal of the Blue Turkey Lacrosse Classic is to provide a competitive, fun and safe environment for all participants.  We welcome all levels of talent and ability while focusing on placing your team in the appropriate bracket to increase the enjoyment the entire weekend.  We expect and promote positive sportsmanship from everyone to foster a respectful environment.   

Team registration will be opening by the week of August 27th.  

Welcome to the Blue Turkey Lacrosse Classic! 




Tuesday, August 21
Blue Turkey Lacrosse Classic Tournament structure

Divisions defined:

There will be four divisions modeled after the San Diego County Lacrosse Association (SDCLA).  They are D1A & D1B for 7th & 8th graders and D3A & D3B for the 5th & 6th graders.   


Players are only allowed to play on one (1) team and for only one (1) program.  This means that players cannot be rostered on multiple teams or with multiple programs.   

Tournament format:

 All teams are guaranteed five (5) games.  All teams play three (3) games on Saturday, November 24th with in their assigned bracket.  At the conclusion of Saturdays games the following will be used to determine the team standings:

1.  Overall record within bracket

Teams receive two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss 

2.  Head to Head

3.  Least number of goals allowed

4.  Least goals allowed in game #1

5.  Least goals allowed in game # 2

6.  Least goals allowed in game #3

7.  Coin toss 

Once the standings are finalized the new schedule will be published on the website.  Teams with lopsided scores may be moved up or down a bracket.   

Game rules: 

  • Unless specified otherwise NFHS rules apply  
  • All games are running clocks
  • Penalties will be 45 & 90 seconds running clock starting on the officals whistle
  • Penalty times will be kept at the table by the offical scorekeeper
  • Game ejections will be handled by game offical.  Any ejected player is barred from any further play
  • No take out checks
  • Teams must be ready to go at start time.  Warm ups on field are not guaranteed
  • Home team is on the right side of field
  • Away team is on the left side of the field

 Game format:

  • 25 minute running halves with a 3 minute halftime
  • Games start on the central clock and are then managed by the officals on the field
  • A single one (1) minute timeout per team per game.  The clock continues to run.  No time outs with in the final 2 minutes of the game. 
  • No horns, subsitutions are made on the fly
  • 20 second defensive clears & 10 second in the box rules enforced - all age divisions
  • Final two (2) minutes of the game winning team must keep it in the box
  • Game can end in a tie (no overtime) until Sundays games
  • Mercy rule is in effect for pool games.  It is not in effect during playoffs and championships.  Teams down by five (5) or more goals may be awarded the ball at midfield
Championship games:  
Will consist of four (4) - fifteen (15) minute running quarters with a 5 minute halftime.  If games ends in a tie it goes to a four (4) minute sudden victory overtime.  If game is still tied continue with the four (4) minute overtimes until there is a winner.  Teams are given one (1), one (10) minute time out per half.  No time outs in overtime or in the final two minutes of regulation.