CM Rec Basketball 2011-2012: Coaches Corner

Thursday, November 17
Coaches Background Check
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Coach Screening / Background Check Policy Statement and Process

 I. Statement

Criminal background screening on Coaches will be conducted by a screening committee, in an effort to protect the children who participate in organized basketball and related activities associated with CMSD.

II. Definitions

CM Boys Basketball recognizes a Coach is any person who leads and instructs players at practices and/or games - or portions of practices and/or games – for any in-house or Travel team.

The criminal background screening is mandatory, no exceptions.

III. Procedure

All candidates for the above mentioned positions must sign a Release Form for Criminal History which gives CM Boys Basketball the right to check criminal history records and verify social security numbers. This will be executed directly, via The secure URL at which coaches can execute their CM Boys Basketball check is:

No other personal information will be checked or researched.

A screening committee will review background check information to determine coaching eligibility. Only members of the screening committee will review data obtained, which will then be processed discreetly. All information is strictly confidential and will not be made public under any circumstances.

Reasons for being declined the opportunity to coach are noted below as part of this policy. In some instances, factors of time may be taken into account when considering coaching eligibility (i.e. length of time since disposition of certain offenses).

The decision of this screening committee may be appealed, for the purpose of clarifying facts or explaining extenuating circumstances, to the screening committee.

All criminal history record information will be promptly destroyed at the end of the current CM Boys Basketball season.