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James Duryea, ATC/L Athletic Trainer
James Duryea, ATC/L Athletic Trainer  
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James Duryea, ATC/L Athletic Trainer


James Duryea, ATC/L

CMHS Athletic Trainer

We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the CMHS athletic family and the Advanced Sportsmedicine Center, Athletic Trainer:   James Duryea, ATC/L   James received his Bachelors in Athletic Training from Central Connecticut State University. He was recognized with numerous honors, including the 2004 John Huntington Athletic Training Award. His achievements include working with:

„«        Major League Baseball - San Francisco Giants AA Affiliate
„«        US Coast Guard Academy NCAA Division III Athletics
„«        University of Connecticut Women¡¦s Basketball Camp
„«        State of Connecticut Girls Basketball High School Finals

James knowledge and experience with a variety of athletic teams at national, state and local levels brings training excellence to Cardinal Mooney.

James and his wife, Julie (a middle school music teacher), both share a passion for students and teaching. They recently relocated from Connecticut, and are looking forward to becoming a part of the Sarasota community. Look for them enjoying our CMHS games!

Heat Stroke

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-Heat stroke is always a risk in summer sports, especially football and running.
-Heat stroke is typically caused by a combination of hot environment, strenuous exercise, clothing that limits evaporation of sweat, inadequate adaptation to the heat, too much body fat, and/or lack of fitness.
-Early recognition and fast treatment of evolving heat stroke can save lives.
-Preventing heat stroke hinges on acclimation, hydration, pacing, cooling, and vigilance.
-Heat stroke is a medical emergency. The life-saving adage is: cool first and transport second.

Fluid and Carbohydrate Replacement During Exercise

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The prevalent thinking from the turn of the century until the 1970's was that participants in endurance sports did not need to replace fluids lost during exercise (Noakes et al., 1991a; Noakes, 1993). This misconception has now given way to the knowledge that drinking fluids reduces the increase in body temperature (hyperthermia) and the amount of stress on the cardiovascular system, especially when exercising in hot environments (Coyle & Montain, 1993).

Nutrition for the Athlete

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Athletes achieve peak performance by training and eating a variety of foods.
Athletes gain most from the amount of carbohydrates stored in the body.
Fat also provides body fuel; use of fat as fuel depends on the duration of the exercise and the condition of the athlete.
Exercise may increase the athlete's need for protein.
Water is a critical nutrient for athletes. Dehydration can cause muscle cramping and fatigue.

James Duryea, ATC/L Athletic Trainer
James Duryea, ATC/L Athletic Trainer

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