CM Girls Lacrosse: Bowling Fundraiser

CM Girls Lacrosse plans to have a bowling fundraiser in January.

Summary Plan:

CM Girls Lacrosse plans to rent the bowling lanes at the Meadows Casino one day in January.

  •  Each player will sell 1 bowling lane for $125.00
  • Each bowling lane will have up to 5 bowlers at $25.00 person = $125.00 Lane cost.
  • The $125.00 lane fee will provide 3 games and bowling shoes, Pizza & Drink for up to 5 players.

 Gift Baskets & 50/50 drawing. 

  • Each player will provide a gift basket for their bowling lane.
  •  Players will sell tickets for the baskets.
  • At the end of the bowling fundraiser the winning tickets will be pulled for the baskets.

  The players will have a fun day with friends and family and will allow the families and players a great opportunity to get to know one another all while supporting the Canon Mac Girls Lacrosse Club.