Club Breakout Volleyball Club: General Information

Monday, November 8
It is Club Breakout's philosophy to encourage our player's to be multiple sport athletes. We are committed to providing quality training, both physically and mentally, through competitive experience.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the Junior Olympic program requires COMMITMENT. We expect all players participating in the program will discuss with their parents the need for commitment to this program. The entire program requires a great deal of time and effort by both the players and the parents. We expect players to show total commitment. At the same time, we do not want our players to jeopardize their education or stop representing their high school in other sports. We therefore expect that all players will maintain passing grades while they are in the program.

The team a child plays on is determined by age and ability. A player may play up with older players but cannot play down with younger players. We will be keeping between 8 and 9 players on each team.

Practices will typically be held on Sunday afternoons from December through May. Additional practice will be added most likely on Monday or Wednesday night. A practice schedule will be provided at a later date.

Each team will be traveling to approximately 7-9 tournaments. Coaches will not be allowed to transport players. Officiating duties are part of tournament commitment. On days of tournaments, it is wise not to schedule other activities if at all possible due to out-of-town travel and the possibility of playing late in the day.

Hope you are ready for a great season of volleyball!

Monday, November 8
While all tournaments are different, there are a few basic guidelines you should know about Junior Olympic volleyball tournaments.

Start and end times will vary and it is often not known until a few days beforehand when and where we must be for a tournament. The coach will get the information to the players as soon as possible along with directions and/or a map to the tournament site. Most tournaments will start around 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. They have the ability to last the entire day, so it is wise to not schedule other activities on days of tournaments due to out-of-town travel and the possibility of playing late into the day.

Tournaments will often consist of a number of 4 teams pools. Teams will be required to supply referees, line judges and score keepers. The coach will divide the players into work groups so the same players are not always working or having to stay late.

Please remember that while we are in a competitive environment, we still need to abide by the USA Volleyball code of behavior. Referees will make mistakes, but it is unlikely a team will ever lose due to officiating.

We will also be hosting tournaments at home. Players and parents will be required to work.