Clovis NM Zia Little League: Welcome

Online registration will close at midnight on February 23, 2013.
Last-call registration, as well as the deadline for providing your player's paperwork, is at Beachum Field on February 23 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
Tryouts begin Monday, February 25. See the calendar link at left for more details.
Wednesday, April 24

Welcome to Zia Little League, Spring 2013!

Welcome to Zia Little League home page. We are excited for the season ahead. We have seen some great talent out on our fields from Tball to Majors. They are very exciting to watch.  We are still taking registrations for the Junior and Senior Divisons. So if you have kids that are 13-16 please have them contact President Coach Holley575-693-1065 or Coach Rene at 219-2632. Cost is $55. You can download registration forms on our handouts page. So far we are looking at 4 teams this year and we will travel to Portales and Tucumcari for regular season games.

Watch this page, or follow us on Facebook, for updates! 

As always, please keep in mind that Little League is a VOLUNTEER organization! We run on the power of the parents! Please contact a board member to volunteer!


Saturday, April 24
Hank Baskett visits Beachum Field




Saturday, January 26
Clovis NM - Zia Little League