Clover Area Pop Warner Eagles: History About Us


The Clover Area Pop Warner Eagles were founded in 2010.  Initial funding for the Clover Area Pop Warner Eagles was provided by Joe “Coach Joe” Mayberry, Sheila Mayberry, Curtis Summitt, Donita Freshour, Jack Wells, Mark Moore, and Joy Moore.

These founding members have been local area residents for over 20 years.  During their time in the Clover area, they have played on the Clover High School teams, coached various football, basketball, baseball and cheerleading programs.  They have also been involved in these sporting activities as parents.

The members of the Clover Area Pop Warner Eagles have roots that run deep in our community. Coach Joe, Curtis, Jack and several other coaches have been teaching football and cheerleading skills to children from 5 to 13 years old in the Clover area for 15+ years. Several Clover Area Pop Warner Board Members actively participate in the Clover High School Touchdown Club and the Clover Athletic Booster Club.

One of the primary goals is to provide skills and knowledge to move into middle school and high school sports eventually being dressed for "Friday Nights" at Clover Memorial Stadium.

The Eagles will forever be thankful for the kindness and generosity of these people.