Clover Area Pop Warner Eagles: Welcome



Saturday March 10th

Clover Middle School 

9:30am Eaglettes vs Ankle Biters

10:30am Champions  vs Tornadoes

11:30am Vipers vs The Flextrons 


 Also, remember, we will be doing Clover Pop Warner Sign ups

for the Fall during our Flag Games!

Until the end of April we will offer 

Throwback pricing back to 2010!

Sign up in March or April for $95

if you are playing Flag Football, take an additional $5 off

After April prices go to $125 






































The Clover Area Pop Warner is open to Ages 5-12,All are welcome to play

 Clover, York, Lake Wylie, Rock Hill, Blacksburg, or any other location in the area.  We have agreat football and cheer program and would love for you to be a part of it. The cost of football is $125 and includes everything your child needs to play except cleats. The cost of cheer is $50 + the cost of the uniform. A birth certificate, physical and report card is needed for registration.For additional information call 704 460 5267.