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Tuesday, March 26
Clinton Youth 

Supported by CTC (Clinton Touchdown Club)


This website is updated regularly with important Dates, Times and Information for Parents, Coaches, and Players.  Please keep checking back for updates!!



Football: $165

Cheerleading: $105

Please go to the "Registrations/Forms" link to the Left to download "2013 Registration Form

Support Your Concession Stand
Calling ALL Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Grand Parents/Friends.
A huge chunk of our revenue stream comes directly from our concession stands.
Monies are generated at games from four sources:
1) Donations at the gate
2) 50/50 raffle
3) Proceeds from Huskie attire
4) Sales at the concession stand
These Monies are distributed accordingly:
1) Pay the refs...not to be confused with pay off the refs  
{3 refs @ $55 each} $165                                    
2) Payout winner of 50/50 raffle 
{we keep half/they get half}  avg is $50/$50                                     
3) Buy supplies for next home stand
{approx $250} $250   
4) All monies after bills goes directly to Youth Football/Cheerleading                                                                                             
So when you add the refs fees and supplies, our operating costs are $415 for each homestand.  Every penny after that goes to our Club.
You Can Make A Difference By:
1. Giving if you can at the gate
2. Buying tickets for the 50/50 raffle...We promise you its not rigged
3. Buying something from our concession least a water/gatorade/soda/fries/candy/chili/nachos/hot dogs...just buy something
4. Invite your friends/family to the remaining home games...especially playoff games   
5. Cheer Whole Hearted for your players and cheerleaders
6.  Be a good sport, and show class to the opposing players, coaches, and their families.
Thanks in advance and continued success as we prepare for the playoffs.
Warmest Regards.
2013 Football and Cheerleading Mail-in registration form is located in the toolbar to the left under "Registration/Forms" or register online.



The Clinton Touchdown Club (CTC for short), is a club run and organized by dedicated parents for their children to teach them the fundalmentals of sportsmanship and teamwork. The CTC is a member of the Shoreline Youth Football Conference

We sponsor the following sports:


  • Flag Football: Due to lack of registration we do not have a flag football team at this time. We have had increased interest and would really like to add this into our 2013 season. Please help encourage any potential players to register.
  • Fourth Grade: Clinton Huskies
  • Fifth Grade: Clinton Huskies
  • Sixth Grade: Clinton/Tri-Town Mustangs: Will be under the Tri-Town umbrella.
  • Seventh and Eight Grade: Clinton/Tri-Town Mustangs:  Clinton & Tri-Town players combined to make our 8th grade football team. Will be under the CTC umbrella.

We recommend you also visit the Morgan Huskies High School Football Team's Website. For scores, schedules, and news. Support your local team! You can visit by clicking the link below:


  • Junior Division Grades 2-5
  • Senior Division Grades 6-8


Major Goal:

To provide the largest number of pre-high school aged youth with a positive experience in the game of football


1. The participants must have FUN. 
2. The participants should learn the values of self- discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork .
3. The participants should learn the fundamentals of the game of football

The Confrence is comprised of teams from the following towns: 

  • Amity (Bethany,Orange and Woodbridge)
  • Branford
  • Clinton
  • Guilford (North Guilford)
  • East Haven (parts of New Haven)
  • Cheshire
  • North Branford (Durham/Middlefield)
  • Old Saybrook/Westbrook
  • Tri-Town (Chester, Deep River, Killingworth, Essex, Haddam and Old Lyme)
  • North Haven
  • Milford
  • Madison (North Madison)
  • Wallingford
  • Southington 

Age Reguirements: 

This league is based on what grade level you are currently enrolled in. We have teams for 4th-8th Grade. However, 2nd and 3rd graders are allowed to participate with the 4th grade team.

 Shoreline Youth Football Conference is now a proud member of American Youth Football

You can visit the Shoreline Youth Football Conference's website by clicking the link above. It list complete standings for all the teams in our division

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