Clinton Evolution VBC: Coaches Corner

Coach To-Do List


Please start working on the following items prior to our meeting.

1.  USA/Iowa Region Membership

  • Please use the instructions listed on the Handout page to register with the Iowa Region via
  • The cost will be $50 for the membership and $18 for a background check (required every other year).
  • These costs will be reimbursed to you by December 1st.

2. SAFESPORT training

  • You have to complete #1 in order to complete this training. 
  • Go to and select Juniors on the left.
  • Follow the link to the SAFESPORT page (click on the SAFESPORT logo) - you will click another link to get to the USOC training.
  • Click on Store, then the first SafeSport Free course listed.
  • Click 'Add to Bag' and 'Checkout'
  • You will then need to register your membership.  Enter your personal information, select IA for the state, USA Volleyball, then enter your IA membership number from your card.
  • You will be directed back the checkout screen.
  • Select 'Activate' then 'Launch Course'
  • The system should bookmark if you need to leave and come back to the content.

3. IMPACT Certification

  • Once you register through the Iowa Region, check your membership card for the following: 'CAP Cert: IMPACT'.
  • If your card shows CAP Cert: IMPACT - you do not need to complete this training.
  • If your card is blank behind CAP Cert: you can register for the IMPACT training online.
  • Go to and select 'Clinics', then 'IMPACT Clinics'.
  • Click on the link 'USA Volleyball on Demand Webinar'. This will take you to USA volleyball where you can register for the course.
  • Click the Member link to enter your username and password from step #1.
  • Click 'Register Now' at the bottom. 
  • You will be directed to the checkout screen.
  • The cost is $50 and will be reimbursed to you by December 1st
4. Review Risk Management power point on Iowa Region website.


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