Cleveland Skating Club Hockey: About Our Program

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The central theme of CSC is to provide proper instruction of ice fundamentals for boys and girls who range in age from 5-15 years old. We offer an environment for our young athletes to develop their athletic skills. CSC Hockey is governed by the rules and regulations of USA Hockey, Mid-Am and The Cleveland Suburban League. 


     Our program participates in The Cleveland Suburban Hockey League (CSHL)  Our primary goal at CSC is to build player's skills and confidence on and off the ice. Winning is an important and appropriate goal for the competitive and recreational player alike.  Our coaching staff’s goals are to maintain a learning environment that fosters teamwork, fellowship and sportsmanship. The banners hanging from the rafters in our rink proudly reflect these goals. These banners represent recent CSHL victories as well as State Championships. 

     Alumni of our program go on to play for local high schools such as Cleveland Heights, Gilmour Acadamy, Shaker Heights, St. Ignatius and University School.  We also have former players who participate at Prep School programs ranging from Culver Academy in Indiana to St. Paul’s in New Hampshire.  Princeton University and The Ohio State University are just a few colleges that have rostered some of our alumni.  You can even find adults who played youth hockey at CSC participating in men's recreational leagues in the area. The CSC Hockey program is proud to have been called "home" to ALL of these athletes.  The fundamentals taught here have proven to make hockey a lifelong sport.


     The CSC Hockey program strives to be a vital part of the Club’s community on and off the ice.  Our overall goal is to expose young skaters to the game of hockey as a lifelong activity that teaches the importance of physical fitness, teamwork and athletic achievement.  From the Mites through the Bantam years, the CSC Hockey Program strives to offer an environment that allows both the competitive and recreational hockey player an opportunity to play hockey for CSC in the Cleveland Suburban Hockey League and beyond.  Our coaches will instill in the children a love for the game of hockey, the importance of teamwork and commitment, and how to win and lose with respect.    

     We strive for a program where our member families can have confidence that their children can achieve any level of competition to which the child aspires.  Through Power Skating, specialty clinics, practice  and games, our program will offer a full complement of activities which will allow children to enter as Mighty Mites and graduate into High School hockey for the competitive player.  Through the same program, we strive to offer the recreational hockey player an environment where they can reach their fullest potential.  Member family commitment to the program is vital to the program’s success. The Hockey Committee and Director run the program to offer families what their children need to succeed. 

     Growth of club membership through the hockey program will follow the success of the program.  As part of the club community, the hockey program endeavors to be a positive influence on the overall club experience for its members.  The Cleveland Skating Club Hockey Program is a unique entity in youth hockey and will offer an environment for our member children to learn a lifelong sport and lifelong lessons.



Parents Code of Conduct

I will not force my child to participate in sports, but support their desires to play their chosen sport. Children are involved in organized sports for enjoyment. I will strive to make it fun.  I will encourage my child to play by the rules. Children learn best by example, so I will applaud the good plays of both teams.  I will not embarrass my child by yelling at players, coaches or officials. By showing a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants, my child will benefit. I will emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit the young athlete. I will deemphasize games and competition in the lower age groups. I will applaud hard work in the losing effort. I will study the rules of the game, and support the officials on and off the ice. This approach will help in the development and support of the game. Criticism of the officials only hurts the game. I will applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat, and enforce the positive points of the game. I will ever yell at or physically abuse my child after a game or practice - it is destructive. I will work toward removing the physical and verbal abuse in youth sports. I will recognize the importance of coaches and support their efforts. They are important to the development of my child and the sport of hockey. I will communicate with them in a calm and mature manner. I will learn all I can about hockey. My child plays hockey for their enjoyment, not mine.

Players Code of Conduct

I play hockey for fun. Winning is important but not the most important part of sports. I will work hard to improve my skills. I will be a team player. I will strive to get along with my teammates. I will strive to learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline. I will be on time for practices and games. Being ready will help my parents in this regard. I will learn the rules of hockey and play by them. I will always be a good sport on and off the ice. My behavior affects people’s perception of me, my team, my coach and CSC. I will respect my coach, my teammates, my parents, opponents and officials. Poor sportsmanship or taunting is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. I will never argue with an official’s decision. My coach is there to support me when I feel a bad call was made.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Winning is a consideration, but not the only one, nor the most important one. I will care more about the child than winning the game. Players are involved in hockey for fun and enjoyment. I will be a positive role model to my players, display emotional maturity and be alert to the physical safety of my players. I will be generous with my praise when it is deserved and constructive in my criticism. I will be consistent, honest, fair and just. I will not criticize players publicly. I will strive to be a more effective communicator and coach. I will adjust to personal needs and problems of my players. I will be a good listener. I will never verbally or physically abuse a player or official. I will give all players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem. I will organize practices that are fun and challenging for my players. I will familiarize myself with the rules, techniques and strategies of hockey and encourage all of my players to be team players. I will maintain an open line of communication with my players’ parents. I will explain the goals and objectives of our season. I will be concerned with the overall development of my players. I will stress good health habits and clean living. To play the game is great, to love the game is greater.

Spectators Code of Conduct

Display good sportsmanship. Always respect players, coaches and officials. Act appropriately; do not taunt or disturb other fans; enjoy the game together. Cheer good plays of all participants; avoid booing opponents. Cheer in a positive manner and encourage fair play; profanity and objectionable cheers or gestures are offensive. Support the referees and coaches by trusting their judgment and integrity. Be responsible for your own safety - be alert to prevent accidents from flying pucks and other avoidable situations. Respect locker rooms as private areas for players, coaches and officials. Be supportive after the game - win or lose. Recognize good effort, teamwork and sportsmanship.