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Saturday, November 14
Fall 2015 Majors Tournament (continued from the Home Page)

Congratulations to our Majors Giants team for taking 1st Place in the District 12 Majors fall tournament!!! Great job by all the boys on making this a TEAM victory! They won 3-2 against a tough Holiday Tigers team. Congratulations to our Majors Tigers as well for making it to the semi-final game . Great to see our 2 Majors teams in the top 4 out of 36 teams in the tournament!!! 

I want to give a shout out to your Majors Fall Tournament Winners. We lost to your awesome team tonight, and I am truly privileged to share the same field with you guys. As coaches, we want nothing more than to win. As parents, we want nothing more than to teach our children and give them the opportunity to be great sportsman. I do believe that both teams showed everyone in attendance that both can be accomplished, when the true goal is to teach our children it is not always about winning. These kids will remember this experience for the rest of their lives. The after game experience with both teams was TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP. I wish most leagues thought this way, and played this way, but most do not. The tears our kids had was short lived, but the memories will last a lifetime. I am confident that I speak for all of us coaches from the Holiday Tigers, but it has been a pleasure. Thank You. (We will be looking forward to seeing you in the spring tournament! )  ----  Holiday Coach Robert Maday

Congrats to your major Giants on winning the district tournament. All great and respectful kids and the manager and coaches were nothing but class in victory. Hope to see you guys again in the spring. Congrats again. ---- Coach Gary Schafer 

 Congratulations to the Clearwater Giants for advancing to the District 12 Fall Majors Tournament Championship Game. Tarpon Springs Little League wishes you GOOD LUCK tomorrow! It was a pleasure to host your League at our Fields for this tournament and we thank the Coaches, Players and Parents for supporting our concessions and treating our park as your own! We hope you had a great experience with us and hope to see you again soon! --- Tarpon Springs Little League 

Thank you to all the teams, coaches, parents, and those behind the scenes that made this Fall 2015 Tournament a Success.  Success can't be spelled without YOU!  Thank you! 

Monday, September 28
Fall 2015 Rules and Calendar

You have come to right place for the Official Fall Ball 2015 Rules and Calendar.  Simply scroll down to find the information you would like and click the appropriate link. After clicking the link, a PDF file will open. You can then "print" or "save" the file.


  For Instructional Leaugue Rules  Click Below:














For Major Division Rules  Click Below:



Major Division Rules 













 For AA Division Rules  Click Below:



AA Division Rules  













 For Fall 2015 Calendar  Click Below: 




Sunday, August 16
New Sports Card for Non-City Residents

The City Council approved a non-resident youth co-sponsor card and a non-resident youth co-sponsor family card(must have two or more participants living in the same household). These are annual cards that are only good for participating in a recreational youth co-sponsored group program.

City of Clearwater Recreational Youth Co-Sponsor Group Programs…

Blazin Ravenz

Clearwater Little League

Clearwater Jr. Tornadoes

Countryside Jr. Cougars

Countryside Little League

Greenwood Panthers

Clearwater Charger Recreational Soccer Program

Clearwater Youth Lacrosse

Clearwater Basketball Club

*City of Clearwater Competitive Programs

*Please note the new passes do not include the Clearwater Chargers Competitive Soccer Program, the Clearwater Aquatic Team Program or the Clearwater Bullet Program.

1.> Youth Registered in a City co-sponsored recreational youth group may purchase a non-resident individual youth sport card for a discounted rate of $120.00 + tax.

2.> Two or more youth from the same family registered in a City co-sponsored recreational youth group may purchase a non-resident family youth sports card for $180.00 +tax.


Click Here for Information on Proof of Residency Requirements for Clearwater Little League

Little League International has strict Boundaries. Children who live outside of our boundries will not be able to register to play at Clearwater Little League...but IF they attend a school that is within the Clearwater Little League boundary they can choose to play with Clearwater Little League so they can play baseball with school friends.  

Please see Boundry Maps provided on this web-site.






Line of Baseballs
Challenger Program
Clearwater Little League also offers an excellent Challenger Program to provide players with disabilities the opportunity to play Little League Baseball (ages 5-18). For more information contact Jim Scheuerman, Vice President Challenger Program at

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