Clearwater Little League: Challenger Division


Friday, February 20

What is Challenger Baseball ?

A baseball program designed for the needs of Children & Adults that live with physical or mental disabilities. The athletes get to participate in a sports environment structured for their success. Players learn and grow while having lots of fun. Challenger Baseball provides an essential opportunity for kids to develop stronger emotional & social skills. The Kids are encouraged to “get off the bench and play”! Playing Challenger Baseball assists to install a “can do” attitude in the players. The positive experience helps children gain confidence. In turn, their self-esteem grows stronger. Challenger Baseball stresses the idea of participation over competition. Every player gets to bat, field and “run” the bases. Balls & strikes are not counted. Victories come in the form of achievement and involvement in the game. There are three absolute rules… Be safe, have fun and everyone gets to play ball.

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