Clearwater Little League: CLL Boundary Map

Clearwater Little League Boundary Map District 12 Boundary Map
CLL Boundary Map

Boundary MapBoundary Map

2014 Fall Baseball and Softball Forms

2014 Fall Baseball and Softball Forms

Clearwater Little Leagu BoundaryClearwater Little Leagu Boundary

Fall PDF Medical releaseFall PDF Medical release

Fall RegistrationFall Registration

Insurance Forms 2013

Insurance Forms 2013

Insurance FormsInsurance Forms

What Parents should know about InsuranceWhat Parents should know about Insurance

About Little League Baseball, Softball and Challenger

About Little League Baseball

Challenger BrochureChallenger Brochure

Little League Baseball and SoftballLittle League Baseball and Softball

Softball BrochureSoftball Brochure

City of Clearwater

Hydration for the student Athlete

Hydration May 30 ClassHydration May 30 Class

City of Clearwater Contract

Here is the second and most current City of Clearwater Contract for this year. It was presented to All co-sponsored groups on June 4, 2013 at Seadogs.

City ContractCity Contract

2013 Spring and Fall City Contract

This was the first 2013 season contract signed with the City for the Spring and Fall Season. It was nullified by the city on June 4, 2013. When we were given the new contract to sign.

2013 Spring and Fall Contract2013 Spring and Fall Contract

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