Clash Volleyball Club: Welcome

Welcome to the New Clash Volleyball Club!

Clash Volleyball Club would like to thank all of our Players, Parents, and Coaches for a truly outstanding 2013-14 Season.  

Your hard work and effort made our first year as Clash Volleyball Club's NEW MANAGEMENT TEAM, a great experience!!!  Thank you very much!!!

We are excited to announce the first of our 2014 Summer Volleyball Performance Camps...please see the attached brochure (Handout below) for more information...




Our Mission

Provide a safe, challenging, consistent, and fun learning environment to help our players develop and improve their individual and team volleyball skills, knowledge, capabilities, confidence, and overall performance… 


Our Core Values 

Integrity: Be honest with ourselves, teammates, coaches, and parents

Excellence: Work hard on and off the court...every drill, every exercise, every practice, every point, every game

Teamwork: We are a as one, play as one, lose as one, WIN AS ONE!

Continuous Improvement: Be better tomorrow than you were today


 Please see our "Handouts" section for Coaches Bios and other useful information...  



Handout: 2014 Summer Performance Camps