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Clarksville Crazees
Clarksville Crazees:Tradition & Chants  
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Clarksville Crazees
Clifton H. Spendergas
Fax: 1-900-MILO-WYNN
Clarksville Crazees, Inc. c/o Bo Bennett
44 Hassell-Marion Street
Clarksville, Tennessee
  Tradition & Chants  


The CHS fight song, "Stand Up and Cheer" is sung before every basketball game when our team runs throught the tunnel to enter onto the court, and is also sung after certain games. The lyrics are as follows:

Stand up and cheer,
Stand up and cheer for dear old Clarksville.
Forward to victory,
The purple and gold above the rest, oh yes!
Our team is fighting,
And we are sure to win the game.
We got the team! Go Cats!
We got the steam! Go Cats!
And it is dear old Clarksville's day!


The CHS alma matar is sung following every basketball game. It is a way for the Crazees to show respect and pride for both our team and school. The lyrics go as follows.

Clarksville High School, Clarksville's pride,
Forward into battle stride,
Never fail, do or die,
She waves her banner high.
Let us join her ranks so brave,
With determination save,
Her good name and high exalt it:
Hail Clarksville High!


The Crazees have many, many chants, but here you will find some of the more reoccuring and popular ones that we have been known to chant.

*Let's go wildcats!(Clap 5x)
*Wildcats (Clap 2x) Wildcats...
*Here we go Widcats, Here we go (Clap 2x)

*Defense (Clap 2x) Defense...
*Hold em (Clap 2x) Hold em...
*Fake shot clock: (Fans will start counting down from ten, for no apparent reason to get the opposing team to rush their shot.)
*Taunting Opposing Players: Whenever an opposing player gets near student section, we will yell "Shoot!" or some derrogatory comment to get the player's atention focused elsewhere than the game.

On foul shots:
*Hold hands up in air and when shot comes down, lower them and scream "Whoosh!"

On opposing foul shots:
*Remain silent until player begins the actual shot. When he does, scream loudly and suddenly as if to startle him.
*Yell "ahhhhhhhh" while player prepares to shoot.

Stupid refs:
*Nuts and bolts, Nuts and bolts, We got screwed!
*I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref.
*When I'm old and I can't see, I wanna be a referee.
*Give me a rope! A tree! To hang that referee!

Final seconds of game prior to win (usually in final 2 minutes):
*It's all over (Clap 5x)
*Sing: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
*Beat the traffic (Clap 5x)
*Get out keys and hold them up and rattle them.
*When playing a country team, instead of beat the traffic: Start the tractors! (Clap 5x)

Miscellaneous Chants:
*Clarksville Crazees (Clap 5x)
*For every game, chants will be made to suit the game situation and team that we are playing. Some will be made towards the players, coaches, and even/especially towards the opposing fan sections.


Some of the Crazees' favorite targets so far this season have been:

*Sam Young from Montgomery Central
*Montgomery Central student section
("It's alright, it's okay, you're gonna work for us some day!")
*Lurch (real name unknown) of the MCHS girls team.
*Ben Bonds ("Sellout..sellout"). Poor Ben couldn't help it that he had to leave CHS, but we let him hear about it anyway.
*Rossview Rowdies
   ("Let's get Rowdy!")
   ("We can't hear you!")(Clap 5x)

Clarksville Crazees
Clarksville Crazees
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