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Clarksville Crazees
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114. - Posted November 17, 2005 3:47PM
Crafty Notions
Surprise your favorite sports fanatic with a memento of this year's exciting season. Check out our custom painted sports ornaments.

113. - Posted February 21, 2002 6:02PM
Very good job this year Cats!!We are very proud if you, although O-Dog, let's not forget about the other big spring sport in C-ville, it's baseball time!!!Come out and see the BatCats annihalate the competition and take home the district crown. Come support fellow Crazees such as team captains Daniel Patterson and James Alfonso.It's time to bust out the balls and bats and get swinging in C-ville baby!!

112. - Posted February 20, 2002 8:40PM
The Cats did good in basketball. Now it is time to focus your cheering for the SOCCER TEAM. We have our first game on the 26th of this month. Come out and support the cats. We are going all the way to the state championship this year.

111. - Posted February 16, 2002 12:53PM
It's playoff time in Clarksville. The cats are really going to beat Dickson. Keep up the good work.

110. - Posted February 6, 2002 9:28PM
well, don't talk about me bc you don't know me!!! i never talked trash about you or anyone else so stop talking about us!! the game is over so no more trash talk is needed!!! got that???

109. - Posted February 6, 2002 9:16PM
Crazees, lets forget about North East and look forward to the next game. They are not worth it.

108. - Posted February 6, 2002 3:43PM
Da Pope
Never said anythign bad about your girls, just said ours were better. Your guys on the other hand, do talk trash about our ladies, so why dont you worry about your own guys' character flaws before you come attacking mine

107. - Posted February 4, 2002 8:52PM
Da Pope, what is your problem?!?! why you gonna talk stuff about all the NE girls?!?!?! i don't think you have that right! i never said anything about you and for you to talk about us is way down!!! you have no right what so ever and you need to apologize!!! i have never talked about you and i am sure i could if i knew you bc i probably wouldn't like you anyway!!! but i never said anything bc that would be wrong!!! ijust thought i would let you know you are low down and i didn't apprieciate that at all!!

106. - Posted February 4, 2002 8:49PM
sorry for the bad language--it won't happen again!! i just got mad!!!

105. - Posted February 3, 2002 4:51PM
well, im not gonna get into this arguing about which group is better i just wanna say i heard the wildcats had a great game and i am glad that Milo is ok. Lets Go Cats!

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Clarksville Crazees

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