CK's Cardinals: CK's Diamond Challenge

Thursday, April 5
Newest Youth Travel Baseball League

Launching Fall 2012 with early registration promotions offered!!!

We have created this league to DEVELOP our youth players at an earlier age to be prepared in advance for the rules and competition that lie ahead. Our game play and new set of rules will foster the players knowledge at a younger age that will help their level of concentration and baseball awareness!

More games!!!

New Rules!!!

More Strategy!!!

Track your players and friends stats with our league website, not just baseball standings!!! Training Options!!! Professional Uniforms at an amateur cost!!! CK's.Baseball4u has established itself as the premier training facility in central jersey as well as one of the premier facilities in the state of New Jersey. We are now taking it to the next level to provide our youth coaches and athletes the opportunity to further develop their coaching and playing abilities in competitive game play.


CK's Diamond Challenge will revolutionize the way youth baseball is played with more strategy, more events for the players during the season and of course more games to be played.

All at a lower cost!!!

Contact or go onto our website and click the Diamond Challenge tab to read more.