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Wednesday, April 18
Youth Travel Baseball Has Been Revolutionzed!!!

Until now travel baseball consisted of a team with more skilled baseball players in a league against more skilled baseball teams.  However, the leagues were more of the same.  Every team made the playoffs.  There were no rules that force coaching staffs to use strategy to outhink the opponents.  There were no limitations on the number of roster spots.  It was the re-creation  of Little League Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball or Babe Buth Baseball at a little bit of a higher form or was it???  All these other leagues actually offer more games to be played than any travel league around.............UNTIL NOW!!!  Shouldn't the travel arena offer more than the regular recreation league???  Well, now it does with CK's Baseball Diamond Challenge!!!

New Rules!!!

New Format!!!

More Games!!!

CK's.Baseball4u revolutionized baseball training being the only full-time baseball training facility in New Jersey and now we are revolutionizing the youth travel baseball arena.  Opportunities for training with us are available for teams in our leagues as well as uniforms for the teams with companies that are endorsed by Major League Baseball, not just your average embroidery store.  Come Check us out and join today for a better travel baseball experience!

 We hope to see you soon!!!


Craig Koppelman

CK's.Baseball4u, LLC