Central Jersey Lightning (White): Welcome

Central Jersey Lightning 12U White

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Central Jersey Girls Softball League (CJGSL) is to provide
the opportunity for girls to enhance their skills through focused practices and
highly competitive tournament play. In addition we will be instilling in the players
the team concept and the importance of family and education first.


CJL Virtues:
• Family and Education First!
• Teamwork – each coach, player and parent is to perform their role in support of and in the best interest of the team as a whole.
• Sportsmanship – playing fair, respecting one’s teammates, opponents,
coaches, umpires and spectators. Being gracious in winning and losing.
• Competitiveness - aggressively playing the game with the intention of improving one’s skills and knowledge of the game, not to simply ‘beat’ the other team.
Learn from one’s mistakes.
• Self-confidence - being consciously aware and confident in one’s powers and abilities to succeed.
• Most importantly – Play Hard, Practice Hard, Have Fun and Have Respect!


Private Tryouts

To schedule a private tryout please email your request along with your contact information to CJlightning2000@gmail.com


What to Expect in the 2012-2013 Season

Fall Season consisting of 3 tournaments, 4 Friendly's/scrimmages and practive 2 time a week.

 Winter Workouts consist of weekly team practices and batting practice with a batting instructor

Spring Season consists of 2 practices per week with 10 tournaments includes Pony States, USSSA States and concluding the season with a National tournament

Team will play in NJ and out-of-state tournaments during the Fall and Spring seasons.  Expect 1-2 weekend overnights in addition to Nationals.

The team will be predominantly 2000 (birth year).

Please contact Dave or Jerry at CJlightning2000@gmail.com