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 Thank you to Pizza Royal (under new ownership) for their continued support to Citrus Little League.

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2015 Citrus Board Election Results:


President:  Ron Alfonso

Major VP:  Karena Zubiate

Minor VP:  Jerry Uribe

Rookie VP:  Brandon Daste

Upper Division VP:  John Doss

TBall VP:  Shannon Brocato

Secretary:  Theresa Race

Treasurer:  Elizabeth Mendez

Auxiliary Chair:  Nadia Spear




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*** If you had your team photos taken this weekend, your proofs have been emailed to you.  If you have not received an email with your proof please do the following;

            1.  Check your spam folder, if it is not there then,

  1. 2.  Email with their name, their athlete’s name, and their email address and we will send proofs right away.**

 What is the Challenger Program?
The Challenger Division offers boys & girls with physical and developmental challenges, ages 5 to 18 (or the completion of high school), the opportunity to participate in and organized game of baseball. Helping them to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation in an athletic environment structured to their abilities. The most fundamental goal of the Challenger Division is to give everyone a chance to play. To get involved or for more information, please send an email to with "Challenger" in the subject line.

  Little League Bat Information 
With all the changes the past few years regarding Little League approved bats and ones that have been removed from play, there has been a bunch of confusion about what bats can and can't be used.  Click on this link for updated bat information;


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June 2008


Home Run Hitters


 Home Run Club 2014

Major Angels:  Daniel Lira, 3/6/14 vs. Twins

                                                                            3/29/14 vs. Merchants

                                                                            5/3/14 vs. Cubs 

                                    Kyle Woods, 4/15/14 vs. Cubs

                                            Justin Guevara, 4/19/14 vs. Dodgers

                                            Nathan Race, 5/3/14 vs. Cubs 

                                            Jacob Robberts, 5/13/14 vs. Twins


Major Cubs:  Brandan Lomeli, 4/6/14 vs. Twins

                                      Jacob Leyva, 5/6/14 vs. Twins

Major Dodgers:  Ian Wolski, 4/8/14 vs. Twins

Major Twins:  Isaiah Loera, 4/8/14 vs. Dodgers

                                         Joshua Gutierrez, 5/6/14 vs. Cubs

                                                                                              5/13/14 vs. Angels

                                   Raymon Regus, 5/13/14 vs. Angels

                                           Christian Hernandez, 6/7/14 vs. Merchants 

Major Merchants,  Reed Sjaarda, 4/11/14 vs. A's 

                                                      John Albert Garcia, 4/11/14 vs. A's 

                                                      Daniel Lintz, 4/19/14 vs. A's


50/70 Angels:  Daniel Diaz, 3/8/14 vs. Vineyard Padres

    3/29/14 vs.  Citrus Dodgers

                                                             5/10/14 vs. Vineyard Braves 

                                          Nick Lambeth, 3/29/14 vs. Citrus Dodgers 

                                         Aaronne Leanos, 3/27/14 vs. Deer Canyon Angels

                            3/29/14 vs. Citrus Dodgers

                                                                   4/3/14 vs. AL Storm

                                                                   4/5/14 vs. AL Stars

                                                                   4/17/14 vs. Vineyard Braves

                                                                   5/12/14 vs. Deer Canyon Angels 


50/70 Dodgers:   Javier Salas, 3/27/14 vs. Vineyard Padres

                                                Jacob Ruiz, 3/31/14 vs. Alta Loma Stars 

                                                                                   5/5/14 vs. DC Angels

                                                Sebastian Quinones, 4/7/14 vs. Vineyard Braves 

                                                                                         4/24/14 vs. Alta Loma Stars

                                                                                                         5/3/14 vs. Vineyard Braves X2 

                                                                                         5/5/14 vs. DC Angels


Minor Mets:  Isaac Villareal, 4/19/14 vs. Yankees


Senior Astros:  Maverick Johnson, 6/3/14 vs. Citrus Dodgers