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Cincinnati Warriors Basketball Club
Cincinnati Warriors Basketball Club  
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Cincy Warriors
Reva Cherese Lewis
4327 Beechmont Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio

Tuesday, February 5
Welcome to the Cincinnati Warriors Club Page

Cincinnati Warriors AAU Basketball Club coached by Cherese Lewis, John Chafin and Jon O'Connor
Please go to MY SITE NEWS to get the latest letter and handouts from your Coach!



Parents of 7th grade girls RECREATIONAL players,
     It has come to my notice that we have had some inappropriate behavior on the sidelines during recent games.  The officials brought it to my notice and I have continued to monitor it recently.
     At the beginning of the season each player, parent and coach was required to sign the code of conduct for participants.  I have attached that code below for all parents to review.
    After discussion with the GEYBA board it has been decided that if a parent is found to not follow the below stated code of conduct the referees and appropriate personnel, including the new police officers at the game will have the PARENT, FAN, or OTHER removed from the premises.
   I would hate to have to resort to that embarassing method for your children's sake but I will take that step if I feel that a PARENT or FAN's behavior is disrupting my players or the opposing team's players.
  It is up to us as the responsible parties to consider all members of the team and how our behaviors affects them and their play.
   It has also been brought up that SIBLINGS should not be present at any practice without a LEGAL GUARDIAN's presence.  This is for safety and legal reasons.  I do not run an hour daycare two nights a week but a basketball practice.  The releases of liability that each parent signed at the beginning of the year does not allow for sibling's to participate in my practices but only those who I have a LEGAL RELEASE OF LIABILITY. 
I only get 2 hours a week for our practices and sometimes not even that because of school conflicts for the gym as we've seen a slew of recently.  If your child plays for another GEYBA team than they can LEGALLY practice with that other team but not with other teams unless agreed upon by both sets of coaches and a second release of liability is provided.
Any damages caused by SIBLINGS or PLAYERS to any property used for practice or games will be the full responsibility of the PARENTS. 
That said, I would ask that any basketballs only be used on THE COURT by the players and not siblings or even parents in hallways, bathrooms, or any other location than the GYMS.
GEYBA has been warned by the TOWNSHIP that we will not be permitted to use the CIVIC CENTER if any more damages occur.  The TOWNSHIP is enforcing that by placing police officers at the GAMES on the weekends and having them come and check the gyms every evening around 9pm  at the TOWNSHIP's expense after our practices.
That mentioned we had an incident where unmonitored siblings damaged some tile and most recently on 05FEB08 (tonight) the fire alarm in the elevator was pulled and the fire department and police were sent to the Civic Center.   If this continues our team will lose practice times and I personally will cancel practices to prevent further mishaps.
  Parents I have left the practices as open practices to give you the opportunity to come "WATCH" your registered player in practice.  That means that you can come and watch.  If you bring siblings they are to remain seated by your side at all times.  No unaccompanied bathroom or water fountain breaks.
  I would ask that you do not interfere in my practices or games by stepping onto the court during practice or games unless previously requested by me or my coaching personnel. 
You have your child the other nights of the week and should use every opportunity to work with them during your family time on those things which you think need practiced.   Please feel free to coach them in your time but do not interfere with other players coaching time and by stepping on to my court that is what you are doing. 
That said, I have 2 "EXTREMELY QUALIFIED"  Assistant coaches with all the appropriate documentation and I would ask that you respect them and me by allowing us to do what we are here to do and that is COACH your child.
That said...the good news is that February 12th we have the whole court for an arranged SCRIMMAGE at the Civic Center from 7:30-9:00.  We will have practice Wednesday night at Brantner as far as I have been informed by the GEYBA personnel.
Please see that your player shows up in the appropriate basketball court gear and be ready to practice at 8pm.  We only have the one hour of practice this week and after the 2 recent games have demonstrated we desperately need the practice!!!
I appreciate all of your help and understanding in these matters,
Coach Lewis and Staff

            I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care and encouragement to my child while he/she participates in Glen Este Youth Basketball Association Program. 
            I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating respect and positive support of all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other activity. 
             I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of any personal desire to win.
             I will support coaches and officials working with my child to provide a positive and joyful experience for all, as well as being a respectful and sportsmanlike fan and spectator.
             I will remember that youth sport activities are for the children and not the adults.
            I will review the player code of conduct with my child and instruct and encourage him/her to follow the code during his/her participation in Glen Este Youth Basketball Association programs or activities.
            I acknowledge my responsibility to return at seasons end any league issued apparel or equipment and further understand that if the equipment is not returned I may be held financially responsible for replacing those items.  I acknowledge that my son or daughter may be banned from future participation in Glen Este Youth Basketball Association programs until league issued apparel or equipment is paid for or returned.
            I understand that a violation of this code may result in the suspension or termination of my child’s participation in Glen Este Youth Basketball Association program.

Signed by ALL Warrior Parents at beginning of season before first game!!!


Coach Cherese Lewis
Asst Coach Jon O'Connor
Scorekeeper Dwayne Lewis

Asst Coach John Chafin

Please see our game schedule:


Click Handout link before to download the pdf file printout for your printer.



USA AAU Club Member

Handout: 7 Grade Girls

Cincinnati Warriors Basketball Club
Cincinnati Warriors Basketball Club
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