Cincy Thunder Girls Basketball: Welcome

Class of 2022

    Cincy Thunder 2018 Tryouts 

Class of 2022 will be holding tryouts on February 19th, 2018. If you are interested in trying out for our upcoming Spring/Summer season fill out your information on our contact us page and we will contact you with details. Although we are the class of 2022; our goal is to prep our girls for Varsity basketball & beyond; therefore, we play up to challenge our girls & prepare them for their future. With that being said we are extremely interested in girls from the class of 2021. Our primary need is Center/Power Foward but we will be looking at other positions as well because no positions are given, they are earned each year. If you are an Elite girl from the class of 2023 & want to be challenged; please reach out to us also.



Winter Class of 2024


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