Christ Alliance Prep Academy: Housing & Meals

Monday, March 26

Housing is provided by the Academy for all students that choose the residential package.  Our students reside together in a large home in the heart of historic Richmond, Indiana.  Each student, while housed together, learns the value of teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving skills.

Students work together to care for their home and assure invidual needs are met.  There is a live-in staff member to help each student-athlete accomplish all activities of daily living.

Additionally, meals are provided by the Academy.  Each meal is approved by a dietary specialist to maintain proper nutritional needs.  Meals are prepared in the home under the guidance of the dietary staff accompanied by designated students on a rotating schedule.

At all times, additional food is available for all students.  The Academy will provide three meals per day, Monday through Friday.  Brunch and Dinner will be served on Saturday and Sunday.  While travelling students are responsible for their own meals.  Students needing financial assistance for meals should contact the Academy Administration.