Christ Alliance Prep Academy: Pastoral Council

Sunday, March 25

The Pastoral Council at Christ Alliance Prep is unique feature of our organization.  As our mission statement express, we desire to help young men discover the principles of success.  To that end, success will come in body, mind, and spirit.  The Pastoral Council at the Academy is built of Richmond area ministers who have a passion for young men and their spiritual development.  Members of the Council meet  on a regular basis to provide ministry, prayer, and guidance to all staff and student-athletes. 

Each of our Pastoral Council members are currently praying for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Ministers are praying specifically for your son, believing that each student, and their respective families, are blessed and filled with confidence that His Holy Spirit will guide each step in the process of reaching the goals of the student-athletes.

If you have any specific prayer requests, concerns, or blessings, please inform us so that we can continue to pray for you.  You may forward your prayer requests to Coach Ramona Chappell at 765.977.6612 or


Be Blessed!