Clarendon Hills Little League: 2010 Highlights

Thursday, April 7
2010 Season Highlights
Clarendon Hills Little League


Congratulations to the 11 year old all star team for winning the district championship game on wednesday night against hinsdale.This is believed to be the first District Championship for the CHLL at an age other than the Juniors (13s/14s).  WAY TO GO !!!!  






Congratulations to the junior division 2010 district champs! The 13 and 14 year olds beat Hinsdale. They are now in the sectional tournament.   


Congratulations to all of our Regular Season Champions for the 2010 season!

AA: Braves

AAA: Nationals

Major: Phillies



Kian Peterson won with what is believed to be a record breaking 13 home runs! Other Finalists included Alex Herbst (8), Michael Porter(4),  and Jack Kelly(4).

Congrats to all the 2010 All-Stars: 

14s/13s 12s 11s 10s 9s 8s
Grant Anderson Max Bartuch Joshua Bean Joe Bogdan Timothy Lindsey Connor Dietz
Matt Bruns Benjamin Chapman Alex Brown Sebastian Chung Ian Austin Bradley Domke
Alex Colin Benjamin Doyle Marshall Dockery Liam Collins Thomsen Randle Max Ewing
David Ellis James Hagen Spencer Garnett Jake Cook Jackson Harris Matthew Finley
JD Garnett Alex Herbst Jack Herbst Matt Deiss Justin Bradshaw Nicholas Franko
Alex Gelz Jack Hutchinson William Hughes Patrick Goggin Ayden Head Easton Gross
Kent Hutchison Jack Kelly Ryan Jennings Joshua Hagen Michael Ryan Nick Grundberg
Grant Kelly Brendan Mahoney Macauley Kilbane Sean O'Connell Kyle Wisch Jack Krug
Mac O'Donnell Eamon McMahon Luke Kinsella Connor Reid William Engels Conner Monyek
Robbie O'Neill Kian Peterson Robert Monyek Sean Stanton James Pappas Matt O'Neill
Alex Sivac Jake Ryder Michael Porter Brenden Venis Charlie Carter Conor Perkins
Jake Zeeb Brian Zilis Charlie Wasz Quentin Wallace Michael Gurka Jimmy Porada
                    Matthew Reid
                    Sean Walsh

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