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Clarendon Hills, Illinois
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Clarendon Hills , IL
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* This is not a mandatory age placement. The younger age with grade limitation is designed to allow the player with a birth date after 04/30/11 to register for the division that many of his/her classmates will be participating in. For ALL-STAR consideration, players will be rated against the participants from the division in which he/she plays for during the regular season. Example: A 10 year-old 5th Grader playing up in the Majors (11 and 12 Year-olds) will be considered only for the 11 or 12 year old all star team. If you have any questions about registration please fee free to e-mail me @ Thanks.

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         2011 Overview:


The Clarendon Hills 12 Year old All-Star team came back from a 4-0 deficit on Saturday, July 23rd against Evergreen Park but fell just short and lost 5-4. While they're season is over, it's safe to say that by winning the District 11 and the Section 2 Tournament, they were the best All-Star team in the recent history of the Clarendon Hills Little League! Congratulations to Coach Steve Garnett, Chirs Hughes, Rick Herbst, and George Kinsella along with: Spencer Garnett. Michael Porter,Jack Herbst, Josh Bean, Ryan Jennings, Marshall Dockery, Jake Fauske, Macauley Kilbane, Andrew D'Aprile, Jacob Pines, Charlie Wasz, William Hughes, and Luke Kinsella.

The Clarendon Hills 12 year old All-Star team lost on Friday, July 22nd in Libertyville 5-3. They will be playing in an elimination game on on Saturday, July 23rd at 5 P.M. in Libertyville against Evergreen Park. A link for driving directions can be found below.  Good luck to our All-Stars!

The 12 year old all star team will be playing in Libertyville this Friday night at 7:30 PM, at 700 West Lake Street, Libertyville, in their first game in the State Tournament.  CHLL is already one of the final five teams in the state, and between Friday and next Wednesday will be competing for the State Championship.  If they are fortunate enough to win there, they will advance to the Great Lakes Region where the winner from Illinois competes against 5 other states for the chance to advance to Williamsport for the Little League World Series.  To advance to the State Championship is a great accomplishment for Clarendon Hills Little League and all of the boys and coaches look forward to representing our town this weekend.

A bracket for the State tourament is now posted in the "Handouts" section. Clarendon Hills is identified in the Bracket as "Sect 2". Below is link for driving directions to the state games in Libertyville.

      Clarendon Hills Sectional Winner


Front row: Spencer Garnett. Middle Row: Michael Porter,Jack Herbst, Josh Bean, Ryan Jennings, Marshall Dockery, Jake Fauske, Macauley Kilbane, Andrew D'Aprile, Jacob Pines, Charlie Wasz, William Hughes, and Luke Kinsella. Back Row: Coach Steve Garnett, Coach George Kinsella, Coach Rick Herbst, and Coach Chirs Hughes.  

Congratulations to the CHLL Junior Divison and the 12 year old All-Star teams for winning the District 11 championship. The 12 Year old All-Star team won both the District 11 and the Section 2 Championship!

D11 Junior champs

The Junior Division team is coached by Bob Zeeb, Brian O'Donnell, Don Price, and Tim Leahy. Players include: Matt Brown, Jackson Dockery, David Ellis, Nick Jung, Jack Kelly, Patrick Leahy, Mac O'Donnell, Robby O'Neill, Nate Price, Alex Sivak, Colin Tirakian, Jake Zeeb, and Ben Champman.

The Junior Tournament will continue on July 16th at Bowlingbrook's Wipfler Park on Saturday at 4:00.

The Bracket for the sectional tournment featuring the 11-12 year old All-Stars can be found here.

All-Star Brackets:

Brackets for the 2011 All-Star tournament are now posted in the "Handouts" section and directions are in the "Locations" section. Please visit the disctrict 11 wesbite( for more details.

Home Run Derby:

Congratulations to Macauley Kilbane for winning the 2011 Home Run Derby with 5 home runs! Other Finalists included Jake Fauske, William Hughes, and Luke Kinsella.

Championship Games:

Championship games were held Saturday, June, 18th and Sunday, June, 19th at Prospect Park. Below are the results from each game:

AA Champions: Rangers

AAA Champions: Twins (see article)

Major Champions: Rangers

Game results are posted in the schedules section under "AAA Playoffs" and "Major Playoffs".

Please visit the handout section for updated rules and regulations.

Home Runs:

Jake Fauske- White Sox (8)

Luke Kinsella- Rangers (5)  

William Hughes- Cubs (3)

Macauley Kilbane- Phillies (3)

Timothy Lindsey- Red Sox (1)

Ryan Jennings- Phillies (1)

Nathan Smith- A's (1)

Andrew D'Aprile- Cubs (1)

Andrew Harris- Red Sox (1)

Will Schermer- Phillies (1)

Jack Herbst- White Sox (1)

Joey Malcolm- Red Sox (1)

Jack Taus- White Sox (1)

Charlie Wasz- Phillies (1)

Ian Austin- Mets (1)

Tyler Cashman- Brewers (1)