Chikwawa United FC , Chikwawa Boma Community Centre, P.O Box 215, Chikwawa, Malawi
Tel: (265) 999 293 757, (265) 1 420 323
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Background of the Club 
Chikwawa United Football Club to date has a relatively short but proud history.

Founded in 1994 by then Chikwawa District Hospital staff, formerly called Chikwawa Medicals, the club, with years of hard work, has progressed solidly from a community team to now be a strong part of the Premier Division in the Southern Region Football League(SRFL), which is a second tier from the country's top flight league.

Located in Chikwawa, servicing Chikwawa District, Chikwawa United has one senior team, one Under 23 female netball club and a junior club called Chikwawa United reserve Squad.

Chikwawa United Football Club prides itself on its achievements both on and off field, in particular its ability to provide a friendly family oriented environment which invites and facilitates all willing participants and supporters from the local community and outside.When it was a community team competing in constituency and locally organised tournaments, the club emerged a very competitive and successful team hence in 2004 it joined the first division of the SRFL. In 2004/05 season the club was elevated to the Premier Division where it has grown and is fighting for elevation into the Super league of Malawi by 2014/2015 season.

Overall Goal: To provide a world class soccer program that develops world class players.

Vision : To be a football club of relevance choice for participants within Malawi


To provide a fun, competitive and sociable sporting atmosphere through high level passionate management and coaching that nurtures and develops local talent through a technical and tactical training program combined with game competition at the highest level with relentless support and participation from all stakeholders through viable and strategic partnerships with other soccer organizations and non-soccer organizations that can help us reach and achieve our vision.

Core Values
Professionalism : In all our endeavors, we value professional and ethical dealings
Excellence: We believe in providing the highest level of service and exceeding our stakeholders' expectation.
Leadership – Focused: We are committed to leadership qualities that inspire and bring out meaning in those we work with and work for. In doing this we desire to work in loving, trusting, interdependent relationships with stakeholders. Always practicing a participative, open, enabling style of working relationships with due regard to our development and development of our stakeholders.
Result-oriented: We are committed to being in a Mission that begins nurtures, inspires and equips our club and stakeholders to be the expression of expectation in the quest for result and to reach out with vision and multi-dimensional action to realize the intended purpose of such action. Our pursuit of result gives priority to the respect of dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person or organization.
Learning, Growing Personality: We believe in the worth and giftedness of each person or organization we come in contact with and of that we seek to serve. We practice the giving and receiving of discipleship, life-long learning, consultative leadership, mutual development, and training as enduring disciplines. We shall continually maintain the attitude of learning, reflection and discovery in order to grow in understanding and skill.
Strengthened Through Diversity: We are intentionally multicultural thereby transcending religious, structural and cultural boundaries. We believe we shall be more effective in every endeavor as we incorporate the richness of diversity in our club and celebrate oneness.



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Tuesday, October 4
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