Chicago's Finest Volleyball Club: Info

Make up practices
If your daughter misses a practice can she make it up? By all means we want them to. We do prefer they make their own but once in a while we understand that may not work. Because we have had to many make ups going on and teams being shorted then over extended as of today the club policy is:

Extra practices are not allowed without the Club Director approving it first

"If you want to miss a practice and then want to make one up you MUST first have the Club Director Approve it" This is without exception"

Fund Raiser
Parents should start getting in the ideas they have for fund raiser for this season. We will meet right after Christmas and get things rolling. Please submit your ideas in writing and if possible do some background work on the time cost ect ect.

food for tournaments
as most tournaments last all day long a cooler and good food is almost a must. If we are playing somewhere that does not allow coolers we will let the players know before the tournament.

GOOD FOODS: fruit, Carrots and celery sticks with a lite dip. Chicken, pasta plate,

BAD FOODS: Fryed foods, meat,greasy foods of any kind   

what does she need in that Gym Bag...
all jerseys..extra spandex... extra shoe strings... towel...chemical ice pack...knee pads.. wrest or ankle braces if needed...warm pants extra tee or sweatshirt...water bottle...plastic fork and spoon (shared pasta plates) cd player is ok for down times waiting for next match...School books homework is fine.. Personal products they may need..