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Get Directions to CHICO YOUTH SOCCER LEAGUEChico Local Weather
Fax: 894-8889
P.O. Box 1537
Chico, California

All games sanctioned by this league shall be played in accordance with the "Laws of the Game" as published by USSF and these Local Rules of Competition.

U6,U7,U8       Four 10 minute quarters
U9, U10          Four 12 minute quarters
U11,U12,U14   Two 30 minute halves

U6,U7,U8       Number 3
U9,U10            Number 4
U11,U12,U14   Number 5

It is recommended that names and phone numbers be written on balls so they can be returned if lost.


Uniforms consist of a T-shirt, colored socks to match the shirt and ALL WHITE shorts. The T-shirts are provided by the league and will be distributed by the coach before the first game. Socks and ALL WHITE shorts are to be purchased by the parent prior to the first game. Shin guards are REQUIRED during all practices and the games and need to be also purchased by parents. Soccer shoes or turf shoes are recommended. No metal cleats or toe cleats are allowed (toe cleats on baseball shoes can be cut off by the parents).

Players wearing different colored shorts or socks that are a different color than the uniform shirt, will not be allowed to participate in the game.

Minimum 4
Maximum 6

U7 through U14
Minimum 7
Maximum 9

1. There is no mandatory play down rule. (If one team has 7 players and the other team has the maximum allowable of 9, the team with 9 does NOT have to play with 7.)

2. If a score goes beyond a 4 goal margin, it is recommended that coaches sub out the better players or play with less. CYSL is a recreation league and emphasis should be on learning the game and good sportsmanship. A win of 10-0 is NOT good sportsmanship.

3. A team is allowed unlimited substitutions, but only at the following times:
- Prior to a throw-in in your favor.  If the team with the throw-in substitutes, the other team may also substitute.
- Prior to a goal kick by either team.
- After a goal by either team.
- After an injury, when the referee stops play, by either team.
- At half time or quarter time by either team.
- When the referee stops play to caution a player, only the cautioned player may be substituted, prior to the restart of the game.

4. A substitute shall not enter the field of play until he/she has been given the signal to do so by the referee.

5. No coach, substitute or player is to be anywhere but at his/her bench area during the game. A team's bench area shall be that area two yards from the touchline and extending 10 yards one way from the halfline only. (exceptions: U6 Division)

6. All spectators are to remain on the opposite side of the field from the coach and players during the game. This is to keep the coach and players free from distractions. ONLY THE COACH AND 1 ASSISTANT are allowed on the coaching side with the players. NO EXCEPTIONS.


1. Commercial shin guards are required to be worn at all practices and games. (No newspaper, magazines, etc.) Shin guards are to be covered entirely by the stocking.

2. There will be NO jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ankle bracelets or watches) worn during the game. JEWELRY COVERED WITH TAPE IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

3. No barrettes or hairclips.  Players are allowed to wear thin (not over 1/2 inch wide) elastic headbands which will be approved by the referee.

4. Players wearing orthopedic casts, air splints or metal splints shall not be eligible to participate unless the following procedures are met:
- Written permission from a physician to play soccer with a cast or splint is provided.
- Written permission from a parent or legal guardian to play with a cast or splint is provided.
- Foam padding (minimum 1/2" thick) is wrapped around the entire cast or splint, and the padding must be wrapped in an "Ace" type bandage. The padding must provide adequate cushioning to render the cast of equal or better softness as a bare arm.
- Prior to each game, a member of the CYSL Board must review and provide written approval of padding. This written approval must be presented to the referee prior to the game.

5. Bandanas may not be worn over the head or as a headband.


1. Slide tackling is only allowed in the U12 and U14 Divisions.

2. Charging the goalkeeper shall not be permitted at anytime when he/she is within his/her own penalty area. When the ball is touching the goalkeeper, no other player may attempt to play the ball.

3. The Grievance Committee shall review all Yellow and Red Card citations and reserves the right to penalize offenders as is deemed appropriate.

4. Players and coaches must give their names to the referee when being "booked" at risk of further penalty or termination of the game.

5. A player, coach or substitute, shall be cautioned for any incidental use of vulgar or profane language or gestures.

6. U6, U7, U8 - during the first three weeks of the season a player who makes an improper throw-in will be given a second opportunity after the referee has demonstrated why the first throw-in was defective. The player will be given only one additional throw-in.

7. Additional information is listed in the Players Code of Conduct.


1. Goal kicks in age groups U6, U7 and U8 may be taken anywhere withing the penalty area.


1. The referees judgement with regard to the physical condition of the field and its acceptance for play, to the actual happenings and occurances related to the conduct of the game and those prerogatives granted to him/her by the "Laws of the Game" for outdoor soccer shall not be challenged.

2. Upon completion of the game, the referee will deliver any report of ejection to the CYSL Board within 24 hours.


1. In case of temporary suspension of play due to an injury or unusual situation, if one team is clearly in possession of the ball, the game shall restart by an indirect free kick by the team in possession of the ball at the point where the ball was when play was suspended. Should there not be a clear possession at the time play is suspended due to an injury or unusual situation, there will be a drop ball at the spot where the ball was declared dead. The spot of the indirect free kick or drop ball is subject to the overriding rule posted in Law 8 of the "Laws of the Game", if the foul occurs in the goal area.


1. Teams shall not use goalkeepers or allow any players to remain positioned in front of the goal during play.

2. Scores shall NOT be kept.

3. No penalty kicks or direct kicks.

4. If a foul occurs within the penalty area the referee will spot the ball at the closest point on the foul line forming the penalty area, and the kicking teams shall be awarded an indirect kick from that position.

5. Offsides shall not be called but no offensive player shall be intentionally stationed in an offsides position to gain an advantage.

6. On free kicks, opposing players must stand at least 6 yards from the ball.

7. On corner kicks, the opposing players must stand at least 6 yards from the ball.


1. Under the "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA, Law 12, Sendoff Offenses #4 and #5 (denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity)
are amended as follows:
- "The first time a player infringes the Law, he/she may be warned or issued a caution depending on the judgement of the referee. A Red Card may not be given and the player sent off for his/her first offense."
- No penalty kicks for the U7 and U8 Divisions. Ball will be placed on the penalty mark for a direct free kick. Players of the team taking the free kick must be outside the penalty area and behind the ball. Defending players may be inside the penalty area at least 10 yards from the ball or they may form a wall on the goal line between the goal posts.

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