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Congrats U Found Us!

Welcome to the New Chicago Lakefront Starlings Volleyball Club Website 2009/2010.

Beginning with a single inner-city San Diego, CA team in 1996, today Starlings volleyball clubs, USA is the largest junior volleyball club in the nation - serving some 3,000+ girls from New York City to Hawaii, from Chicago, IL to Tijuana, Mexico. The guidling concept has been to provide an opportunity for girls to participate in club volleyball regardless of their socioeconomic background. Club dues - if any, are a fraction of most junior club costs and girls are assisted to raise funds to meet club expenses. Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA is a non-profit organization.

 **From now on, all members must wear their club practice t-shirt to practice.**

Friday, April 2

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."
--- Babe Ruth

Thursday, December 17
Jump Serve

How to jump serve: Line up 5-7 feet behind the back line. Wrist toss the ball 6-8 feet high and 3-5 feet in front of you. Footwork for right hinders is right foot, left foot, right- left and jump. Left handers’ footwork should be left foot, right foot, left right and jump. Bow and arrow attack: pull the hitting arm back with the elbow or shoulder and hand at shoulder height or higher. The hand should be open and relaxed, with the palm facing away from the ear. The elbow should swing forward and raise above the head. Then the arm and hand swing over the top as the heel of the hand contacts the ball. This is followed by the palm and fingers, which then snap through the ball. A certain degree of topspin is desired on a well-struck jumpserve.

Submitted by: Coach G

Practice Times

Little Starlings with Coach Raul 5-6pm

16's with Coach Jen 6-7:30pm

14's with Coach Patty 7:30-9pm

Please check calendar for time & location.   

**SPECIAL NOTE: Gym time is precious therefore arriving 15 minutes early will give you ample time to dress for practice. Any player arriving after the start time will make up that missed time after their practice.

14's Snack Parents List

16's Snack Parents List

Thursday, February 25
Congratulations to the Members that completed the Serve-a-Thon on Feb. 16th

14s: Elissa 20, Faith 26, Crystal 13, Brittany 22, Diamond 16, Noelle 17, Katie R 14, Ana 23, Anais 13, and Jessica T 5.

16s: Alexandria 17, Maria 25, Paige 30, and Katie W 18.

Tuesday, May 25

It's extremly important that you make every practice from here on out.  **Important information regarding the trip will be passed out as it becomes avaliable.  You don't want to miss it!!!!!

Thursday, June 3
Count Down 2 Nationals

4 days and counting.

Handout: National Count Down

Tuesday, June 8
Final Meeting: Tue., June 15

Tuesday, June 15th will be our final meeting for all parents (going or not going), coaches, staff members and players going to San Diego at Rowan Park 7:30pm.

Sunday, June 13
Sister City Team

Please remember to purchase your sister city team t-shirt as part of your gift.  I will have extra past Chicago Lakefront t-shirts for sale on Tuesday for $3.50.  Please check with your coach as to what size t-shirt you need to purchase for your sister.