Chicago Franchise: Welcome

The Chicago Franchise Basketball Team

The Chicago Franchise is currently a member of the Amatuer Athletic Union (AAU) and has reputation of preparing young players for high school basketball and keeping high school players at the top of their games. What separates us from other travel programs out there is our educational sturcture and philosophy. Our number once concern is to teach the game of basketball to your son, while preparing him to get a scholarship.   The offense we run requires all the players to be able to play all five positions on the court. We make sure that every player can play both ends of the court as well as play all positions on the court. That is why our players are as succesful as they are in high school and tournaments.  At the present time, we run travel teams in three different seasons. We have the Winter travel season, the Spring travel season and the Summer travel season. We run boys teams for players in 8th through 12th grades. If you are interested in any of our travel teams, please call 312-388-5772 or email us at We will send you all the detailed information and then schedule an evaluation for your son to see where he would fit best in our program.

Our focus, objective and goal, is to have the best athletes on and off the court every time we play. Through the various challenges and experiences we will face together as a team, we hope to utilize those opportunities to further develop the athletic and professional development of our Chicago Franchise Players.