Chicago Demons Basketball Program: Welcome

Saturday, March 17
Chicago Demons Basketball Program

2018 Chicago Demons Basketball Program
For general info: 312.520.0905 
OFFICE: Stamps-Rhine Center 1327 N. Larrabee Chicago 60610
 The Chicago Demons Basketball Program needs all players and parents to understand that there needs to be a sense of responsiblity and commitment to coming to practice and tournaments.  If you cannot attend an event, you must contact a coach in advance.  
Information on Spring/Summer Sessions
Spring/Summer Fees need to be turned in.
Boys & Girls Elementary Team Schedules are on the left hand side tabs 
High School Teams Gr. 9-12
Coordinator: Vince Carter 312.520.0905
17U/Gr 11-12 Luke Rogers 312.970.4846
16U/Gr 10 Larry Underwood 773.703.2866
15U/Gr 9 Josh Anderson 773.683.7939 
Middle School/Junior High Teams Gr. 5-8 
Coordinator: Alan Geneo Carter 773.407.4846
Girls Gr 5-8 Alan Carter 773.407.4846
Boys 14U/13U Gr 7-8 Henry Stephens 312.428.1883
Alex Gutierrez 773.759.3971
Boys 11U/12U Gr 5-6 Alan Carter  773.407.4846
Jimmie Rogers Sr 773.983.5050 
Elementary School Teams Gr. 1-4 
Coordinator: Brian Banks 312.493.0468
Gr 3-4 Brian Banks 312.493.0468
Oscar Towne 312.523.8696
Gr 1-2 Rolando Gordon 773.440.2560