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Tuesday, August 29
Chester Soccer Club
Mission Statement
“Chester Soccer Club exists for the benefit of all children. Creating a fun atmosphere for every youth interested in playing soccer is paramount to our mission. Through the sport, we strive to develop self-confidence, individual responsibility, fair play and teamwork.”

Now a little about the Chester Soccer Club...

Chester Soccer Club is the soccer club of choice to over 100 children from the town of Chester, New Hampshire each year. During our inaugural season (2003 / 2004) we established a strong foundation of teamwork, fair play, and enthusiasm for all children involved in the program.

Certainly this soccer program would not be successful without two groups that have contributed significantly, the coaches and families. Although not evidenced by the quality of team practice and games, many of the Chester Soccer Club coaches have never coached or even played soccer in the past. To ensure your coach has been properly trained, Chester Soccer recruited U.S. Soccer to provide instructional sessions for your soccer coaching. Throughout the season our coaches are constantly complimented on their positive attitude and the difference they are making in the lives of the players.

With their attendance at the practices and games and their reinforcement of the efforts of the coach, parents continue to make a difference with their contributions to this soccer program. Without their continued support, Chester Soccer would not be as successful as we have come to realize.

Our tagline at Chester Soccer is “Chester Soccer… it Kicks” and it continues to be our goal. At every gathering of the teams, the coaching staff and volunteers want to make sure that your child is enjoying their participation in Chester Soccer. With over 95% of the children returning for Spring soccer, we feel confident that we have met our objectives.

Thank you for your participation in Chester Soccer and for making a difference in the life of your child.

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