Cats Gym Home of the Southaven Wildcats All-Stars: 2015-2016 Teams

Below are the team lists for the 2015-2016 season. If you do not see your cheerleader's name, please contact us immediately at 

Parent meetings will be held Wednesday, May 6th or Thursday, May 7th at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a copy of the cheer packet. You must attend one of the meetings or have someone there to take notes.

Practices will begin the week of May 11-15. Youth 1 and Youth 2 will practice Monday 5:45-8:00 p.m., Senior 2 will practice Tuesday 5:45-8:00 p.m. and Junior and Senior 3 will practice Thursday 5:45-8:00 p.m. 

All new cheerleaders need to be sure to add to your approved email list so you can be sure to keep up with all Wildcat news.

Youth Level 1 - Allison Buie, Anna Reese Thomas, Coley Howard, Emily Studer, Emma Avent, Gracyn Rowsey, Greenlee Adams, Jordan Matthews, Karli Fulwood, Lexi Morehouse, Madison Hollingshad, McKenlee Robinson, Navaeh Matthews, Nya Matthews, Trinity Johnson

Youth Level 2 - Addies Potts, Alyssa Nichols, Ava Ayers, Avery Carter, Avery Odom, Baylor Bartliff, Brana Newman, Courtland Smith, Jocelyn Holmes, Kaitlyn Billions, Kaylee Anderson, Kaylee Crain, Kennedy Massey, Kimorea McConnell, Kyndall Booker, Mabree Phillips, Madison Cox, Makhaila Green, Mary Katherine Stephens, Nia Hussey, Patience Hill, Rachel Landmesser, Riley McIntyre, Rose Catherine Stafford, Sarah Landmesser

Senior 2 - Aaliyah Whitehead, Abby Peacock, Addie Dunlap, Addison McDaniel, Alexis Anderson, Caroline Elam, Christian Wigely, Da'Kijah Woodley, Jamie Lynn Steele, Jamie Topp, Jorgan Conic, Journi Prewitt, Kaillie Thomas, Kamora Hearn, Katie Whitaker, Kaylee Floyd, Kelli Reese Hubbard, Kelsey Fulwood, Lena Hardy, Logan Cheatham, Maggie Lunz, McKenzie House, Morgan Brower, Nykole Moore, Riley Robinson, Sierra Neal

Junior 3 - Alexandria Cooper, Alyssa Pollock, Amariah Fox, Amber Avent, Anna Grace Stephens, Arielle Shipp, Casey Monteleone, Chandler Riley, Charlie Brooke Darbonne, Ella Ross, Emily Harrington, Gracey Shappley, Hayleigh Malone, Jordan Murrell, Kaleigh Buenaventura, Karlee Geeslin, Katie Abernathy, Laura Grace Ellis, Lauren Morales, Makiya Lee, Malorie Osteen, Megan Landmesser, Molly McNeer, Riley Dittman, Ryleigh-Parker Weatherly

Senior 3 - Alissa Brown, Autumn Gentry, Avery Thomas, Carrington Woods, Christal Nelson, Elisabeth McAuliffe, Emma McNeer, Jasmine Pryor, Kayla Calvi, Kaylee Ballard, Kaylee Wright, Kaylen Fulwood, Kelsie Bennett, Kinnley Ingalls, Lauren Brady, Lindsey Brady, Lindsey Cowart, McKenzie Ross, Meghan Anthony, MK Smallwood, Morgan Postelle, Searra Rimes, Skylar Few, Tiffany Anderson, Valerie Berg