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Preschool Curriculum - Click here to find out more.

our preschool program is back! We offer mommy and me for babies as young as 18 months to 3 years, as well as preschool classes for 4, & 5 year old boys and girls! Call or email to reserve your spot! 

A note from the President about the Preschool Philosophy.....
 As the mother of two young daughters, I think it is necessary to develop every child to their full potential and give them confidence in themselves by teaching them to do things (skills) that they can show off to family, friends, and peers. Whether you want your child to play ball, the piano, or be a gymnast, you want them to be their best. Our programs will work intensely on developing your child into an athlete. After all who wants to be chosen last at kickball or red-rover? The fact is no child deserves teasing or poking fun of because they aren't as fast, strong, or coordinated as others. My first child was doing cartwheels at age two. If she didn't land on her feet, I wouldn't let her get a snack until she did and got it right! She soon taught herself the discipline to do it over on her own, without being encouraged to do so, until she landed on her feet! At the age of 8, she could do a full, standing back tuck, front throughs....you name it! However, my second daughter is not as naturally talented and while she throw fulls--she didnt master it until age 10? It just took her longer? We don't expcect her to be as good as her older sister. Remember! Every child has different strengths! My husband and I were both collegiate athletes and now are both coaches. We know firsthand what children are capable of, and how they will often suprise you! While our classes are sure to be lots of fun and fast moving, with lots of smiles and hugs, your child will learn the necessary tools to eventually take with them into the competitive sports environment.

Remember that a child's improvement is not based on "tricks" alone, but by their body awareness, body control, maturity, overall motor skills, coordination, and balance. Before she can increase her skill, she must increase her strength! I always say, "You can't win the Kentucky Derby with a mule", so remember that God gave us all very different gifts and your child can't be compared to another. Some children are not going to be great athletes. However, they can ALL improve!

Please give it one 'year' and then evaluate if your child is making progress. Some learn slower than others, but it takes TIME. One thing is guaranteed, they will not get better if they quit! At any time, you feel like you are not seeing ample progress, please meet with us so our staff can determine what improvements can be made in your child's learning curve.