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**"BELIEVE" has become a word for both Alex and I that symbolizes you and Cheer Savannah. Thanks for everything, Lydia

**Thanks for thinking of me! J Just so you know, you do a great job of telling us how good we’re doing. It means a lot to me! I’ve worked a lot of places and bosses don’t always give any feedback!! So thanks for that!! And you are BY FAR one of the BEST and easiest people to work for. You let us know what’s expected of us and tell us when we’re not doing our jobs!  Thanks for bringing me into the “family” and including me. I love being a part of CSA. Coach Bri

**Hi Stepanie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.  I'm sorry I had to work on Thursday evening and miss out on the Christmas Wish event.  Gabby had a wonderful time, and she sent me a text that evening, thanking me for food, clothing, a wonderful home, and loving her.  It made me cry happy tears!!! I was so proud of the Junior Team last weekend.  I thought they performed great!!!  You are a inspiration to all the girls and a true leader.  Thank you for guiding my daughter to achieve and believe in herself. Christy Cook


** Hey Coach! I just wanted to let you know that I was overly impressed last night at practice!  The level of talent that is coming form this young team is extremely amazing to watch.  I'm constantly telling co-workers and friends about your gym and how I feel that it has helped my daughter blossom first as a young woman and secondly as an athlete.  She loves and respects everything about you! And honestly... she probably responds better to you than her parents at times. Overall, she's a great kid and my husband and I are blessed to have her!  So, thank you for everything!  You are appreciated! Miranda (Violas mom)


**Thank you for a GREAT show this weekend.  It does my heart good to see how beautifully all the teams perform and how much respect and love they have for their coach.  Can't wait till this weekend so all my family members can come and see the excitement I try to come home and explain! Lori Hall

**Dear Steph and Carla, Many thanks to both of you for all that you do for our kids.  I certainly appreciate all of the hard work, instruction, support, and encouragement that you give to these girls!  Mary Kuchinow


**Hi Steph, I just want you to know that you are in my prayers as you lead our girls.  After running my small gym on Hilton Head for 5 years, I COMPLETELY understand what you were saying in the meeting last night.  It is often a thankless job, for sure.  And the girls (and parents) who need you, lean on you, call you at 2 am to come and rescue them, to take them to doctors when no one in their family is able or willing, to support them through endless hours as a confidante and adult mentor…and then to have them turn their back …I understand the broken heart that you feel.  I think I always held onto the promise that God knew that I was faithfully fighting for these kids and that loving them oftentimes was the only thing I knew that He wanted me to do, no matter what the outcome or rejection that was to come because of it.  But that is what we are called to do, and we do it.  So I just want you to know that you are so appreciated for your effort.  J Connor and I are so proud to be a part of Cheer Savannah.  I am so proud of my daughter and the effort she is making as a part of the KISS team.  What a great group of non-drama girls.  J  Isn’t that a blessing?  I sure think so. Have a great day, love, Julie (Connor’s mom J)

*Steph, You're the best and I love you and your family like my own! Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart! I feel so blessed to have you, Danny, and the girls in my life! :) -Kristin
* I appreciate the fact that you respect me.  we have ALWAYS felt like Cheer Savannah was our home!    no matter who she's cheering on or talking to... she's 100% Cheer Savannah!  Yesterday was AMAZING!!!  All the teams looked wonderful and it was so great to be able to do that at home!!! As great as Annie youth were 5 years ago, this year's youth team is just mind blowing!!!  SO TALENTED!!! and the minis are great too... so cute and with so much ability.  I really enjoy watching Juniors.. they are so fun to watch.   I love their routine.  Michelle Wall is beautiful in the air... her flexibility is great and she has such presence!!! Of course KISS is the bomb!! haha!!!  Danielle has a lot of fun with that routine.  Her layout is looking pretty good these days, don't you think... And Candy's looked great too...I bought the video yesterday and Danielle and I watched everyone again last night.  Danny was so funny!!! He was in the back just cheering everyone on and clapping!!!  It was great.  Steph....when I hugged you after the Saturday cheersport performance... it was sincere... I hope you know that.  If I can do anything to help you deal with this or anything else... just let me know.. Andrea McKellery
*i cannot begin to thank you enough or adequately express what you and this cheer savannah experience has done for megan this year.  i'm sure you have seen as i have...megan has blossomed from this shy, quiet little girl into this fierce cheerleader and competitor!  i have to admit at first i thought that we had made a terrible mistake by joining your program.  megan would come home from practice just miserable.  she was unsure of her place on this team and absolutely TERRIFIED of YOU!  but one day something just clicked and she was having the time of her life.  when she got off the stage from her first competition at Battle she said, "mommy!  that was so much fun!"  i felt this incredible happiness for her and an amazing satisfaction with myself that i had indeed done the right thing by sending her through your doors.  i tear up just thinking about it...in the short time she's been in your program she's finally gotten a GOOD back handspring back tuck...she finally learned to REBOUND (something an uncountable amount of coaches have not been able to get her to do)...she's gotten her layout...and now she's working her standing back.  i mean WOW!  but the confidence she's attained and the pride that is evident from being a part of this team in invaluable. also, she's gone from being terrified of you to being your BIGGEST FAN & DEFENDER!!   i just wanted you to know that you have one more person in your life who has nothing but unconditional love for you.  she loves you...warts and all.  she understands that everything you do and say is for a reason and has the utmost respect for you. i know people are usually too quick to complain and never take the time to say something positive.  but seeing the impact you have had on megan's life i felt compelled to share this with you. thanks again,  Christy Crowley
 *I am always, everyday, proud of what my Skylar does and accomplishes. She never ceases to amaze me.  As I said to you in our meeting, at the beginning, I was, for lack of a better word, afraid that you were pushing her far past her limits.  What I realized was that I was setting her limits.  I was so proud of my little girl this weekend.  My face hurt from smiling, my throat hurt from screaming and cheering so much and so loud and I was ecstatic for her and the rest of the girls.  So, thank you Stephanie, for helping both John and I, make her a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally.  I was hesitant at first about all of this, but couldn't be happier for her.  She enjoys what she's doing and I enjoy watching her become a wonderful, strong, competent athlete. Lastly, thank you for making wonderful memories for her and her families! We're looking forward to another year!  Gina 
** I try to share with everyone my experience about my girls and how they love to go and get on stage, the difference in Sidney!..And CC just blossoming all around!  To see their self confidence grow is WONDERFUL!!!! That is one thing that we can arm them with before they leave the nest--confidence--the other is self discipline --makes one heck of a woman!!--the cost?---that's with any competitive sport! We will find fundage….Its worth every penny! Suzie
*After 8+ years watching Britt, Brooke and Tay in competition cheerleading (Varsity & Allstar), I am hard pressed to think of a performance that I was more moved by or more proud of than Sunday's.  I think it showed extreme courage and character.  I have to remember that these are babies really.  To stand in front of all those folks and do what they do should be difficult in itself but to have your music fail and pull a stunt 3 times like it was nothing and then rock the house all with a smile and a little attitude WOW..... I am so impressed, so proud. As far as I am concerned Youth WON Sunday.  Those little girls are champions in my heart forever.  Thanks Stephanie.  We turn them over to you to teach them cheerleading but I don't think we always remember that you teach them more than just how to tumble. Teresa
* It's amazing to think that of the 85 Nat'l titles CSA has won,,my daughters have been able to experience 27 of those BIG Nat'l wins! and countless other regional wins! WOW!  I guess it kinda puts it all into perspective how far they have come from not having a cartwheel to round offs, to backhandsprings to back tucks, and strong healthy bodies and all because of YOU!!!  Thank for all you do!  We LOVE you and look forward to many more to come!   Shannon