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Mr Curry
Tuesday, May 26
Mr. Curry Scholarship Fund
Mr Curry2
We have awarded Jessica Yardman the Mr. Herbert Curry Scholarship for the 09-10 season in his loving memory of Mr Hebert Curry. My Curry's 3 grand-daughters cheered for me and were a part of our very first team and win! He and "Nana Fran" bought windsuits for the entire team, bought us all plane tickets to to Dallas, TX, got us room service while there, paid for hotel rooms, and most importantly---supported, cried, and laughed with me through every win and loss, every good time and bad! He thought we should have won very single time and was mad as fire at those 'stupid judges ' if we didnt! When we were in 1st place at NCA after day 1, he took me out for a cocktail and celebration, he let me drive his big SUV to Atlanta with 8 or so girls piled in the back, he drove back from competitions at midnight to open his dry-cleaning business at 5:30 the next morning! He was the most Godly influnece, the most humble man, the most caring and giving husband and grandfather and truly the best man i have ever seen or known. We will never forget what he meant to us all! He is HOME now --but we will see him again! This full scholarship could not be awarded to a finer child and family! She represents Mr. Curry and what he stood for and believed in! Congratulations baby! We love you!

jodi & jessi
Friday, April 24
Cheer for a CURE bone marrow Drive....
CHEER for a CURE was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who participated in any way! There were over 100 people who were swabbed and entered into the national bone marrow registry & we collected over $900 in donations for the Yardman family! Thanks to Bahama Joes for donating the t-shirts! Miss Jodi & Mr Hoppy as well as their family members were so grateful, and appreciative! The Cheer Savannah Family comes out like a special ops team when one of our own are in need!

**We love you & miss you Miss Jodi...we felt your presence with us as we took the stage at Cheersport this year and dedicate our National Title to YOU! We will take good care of Jessi here. RIP

Wednesday, February 25
Needy Family Christmas Wish
Christmas Slide Show 2008
Cheer Savannah gives back - Christmas 2008

For years, Cheer Savannah families have poured their hearts, time, and resources into giving back to their community every Christmas. Over the years we have tried different ways to give and have been in many homes or to various organizations trying to reach abused, sick, or helpless kids or families.  For the past 2 years Cheer Savannah has found a way to give like never before!  We have solicited the community for needy families starting after Thanksgiving.  Dozens of letters, emails, and phone calls pour into the gym.  We choose approximately ten families that we feel are in the most need, and turn our cheerleaders into elves!  The gym gets decorated like the North Pole, and our elves show up after school, ready to learn about their particular needy child or family.  They run out on a mad shopping spree, check off their list, run back to wrap, and wait on our special friends to arrive!  Santa even takes time to make an appearance!  Limos pick up our families from around Savannah, and when they arrive they are greeted with GIFTS, and PRESENTS, and TOYS, and CLOTHES, and PILES of treats for each child and family.  It is truly an overwhelming experience for the needy families, but it also touches our Cheer Savannah families. It gives us an opportunity to show to our children, how much better it is to give than receive, as well as put things into perspective!

We are blessed!  We recommend each athlete spend $30 if possible, but several of our parents spend HUNDREDS.  It has become one of our favorite days of the year and very dear to our hearts.