*CHEER SAVANNAH* Inc.: Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Class Schedule

Call the gym to see what days and times are available.  We are hammering out potential Fall schedule now and the new fall class schedule begins August 23rd so sign up now. 

Registration fee = $30 per immediate family (siblings) due each September (Fall session)  or when you join and then annually each fall thereafter.

$55 per month for one, 1-hour class per week, or $100 per month for two, 1-hour classes per week.  

"MAKE THAT SQUAD" is our 30 minute class that focuses on all of the secrets and tricks of MAKING your school squad! We work the score sheet so that even if you dont have that backhandspring, you maximize the other areas ie voice projection, spirit, motions, stunts, dance, jumps, etc. ALL of our kids in these classes have made their team! 100% success! WOHOO!  

Mommy & Me--2 & 3 yrs old.  

Preschool Tumbling 4 & 5 yr. olds

Young Beginners ages 6-11  =  you will learn: rolls, handstands, backbends, kickovers, walkovers, roundoffs, cartwheels, etc. and in proper progression. These basics are the foundation for all tumbling, so we insist on mastering these tricks before learning handsprings!  

Older beginners = its never to late to start and you have to start somewhere. But usually our middle & high school aged kids don't like to be in the class with "babies" so this gives older girls an opportunity to feel comfortable while starting from scratch! 

Intermediate Tumblers-GET THAT BACKHANDSPRING = We will drill handspring series and making your backhandspring better and getting you more comfortable, confident, and a better backhandspring--- both round-off and standing. 

Advanced Tumblers - for middle & high school cheerleaders working tucks, layouts, stepouts, whips, standing tucks. This class is our most popular and fun and always packed! Fun environment of varied skill levels and working all sorts of tricks.  

TWISTING CLASS: for athletes with great layouts and who are ready to learn and work twisting.  Must be approved by a coach to enter this advanced class. 

Adult Tumbling Class for "has-beens", mommies, college kids, or anyone who wants to finally try learning to tumble or to see if you've still got it!  

What to wear:  comfortable, athletic attire such as t-shirts, sports bras, shorts, hair pulled back, no jewelry, no zips, no buttons. Tennis shoes or cheer shoes please! 


Preschool Curriculum - Click here to find out more.

Our Tumbling Program....

Our gym is primarily a cheer center. Our "bread and butter" is our competitive cheerleading. However, we are in the business of training ATHLETES! We want to start teaching your baby as soon as they can walk so that they will develop the tools necessary in all sports! Our tumbling classes are great fun and we see it as a way to spot exceptional talent so that we can recruit for our allstar cheerleading! Also, it is the only way most children can become an allstar because they have to have an opportunity to learn before they try out. However, we experience much turnover with our developmental athletes and families. Our opinion is that quite often, it becomes too inconvinient for parents and so it is easy to quit when there is such minimal investment. Unlike dance, where you have purchased 3 pair of specialty shoes, recital costumes, etc----quitting tumbling is easy. Additionally, for the children who struggle, it is not always fun and rewarding. The talented children LOVE it because each week they accomplish a new trick. Then, usually those children move to allstars. The less talented get frustrated easily, feel inferior, and do not enjoy---- not exceling. Who can blame them? Many parents come to us because their child is overweight, uncoordinated, lacks confidence---and they want us to help. We certainly have done just that for many children. But, in a sport that requires agility, strength, rhythm, flexibility, and tenacity----those who struggle, generally quit! So... our developmental program is not a major source of our revenue! It is a program we offer and do a great job with. In our opinion we teah tumbling skills better than anyone in the city of Savannah period. The local gymnastics gyms & school cheer squads all have athletes that take tumbling from us in addition to what they get there. It is our "nitch". From forward rolls to fulls, we specialize in tumbling!