*CHEER SAVANNAH* Inc.: Choreo/Camps

2010 Summer Camps & Choreography

Call the office to book your camp ASAP or email us @ cheersavannah01@comcast.net

Tumbling camps are offered this summer to target specific skills! Get that backhandspring, tuck, or full! We will be teaching tumbling camps in 3-day sessions (3 hours per day!) We will offer a session in June, AND July, so you can sign up as an individual, a recreational team, or a school squad! We are so proud of our staff's ability to get the desired skill taught! If you are an individual who lives a few hours away and cant be a part of our allstar program but have seen or heard about us, or possibly we've choreographed for your school before---come to savannah and be a part of our tumbling camp! It'll give you that edge you need to throw that trick this season! We are currently working on dates so email us your name and age and skill level or desired skill and we will update you ASAP with exact dates. Our staff is comparing schedules to find an open weekend and we should know something soon! $75 per child for 9 hours of instruction!

 We do not offer just "CHEER" camps for individuals. If you have a child who is interesting in learning or particpating in the sport of cheerleading, have her sign up for our summer session of tumbling and/or cheer classes. This will teach her the most important fundamentals and skills. Our cheer camps are for rec, school, and allstar SQUADS to come to us to learn dances, pyramids, routines, sideline material.

Cheer Savannah hosts all types of summer camps! We organize camps for recreational squads so they can learn proper training and have fun. We provide them with new material, the latest music, pyramids, stunts, etc while also understanding the dynamics of a recreational team. Prices for recreational squads are generally $75 per girl. However, if your team has financial obstacles, we can simply shorten the time of the camp thereby lowering the price to $50 per girl. $75 gets you a 3-day clinic, $50 gets you a 2-day, and $25 for a 1 day clinic.

We love traditional camps! We are working with local middle school and high school squads teaching them all new material for next sport's season. We work on cool themed pep rallies complete with dances, stunts, pyramids, tumbling, baskets, etc. We learn new sidelines, cheers, chants, and teach the new girls how to become great cheerleaders! Every summer we offer our "summer camp xtravaganza". Approximately ten local school middle school and high school sqauds all come together for a fantastic and fun filled summer camp experience. They make friends out of their rivals, learn all different material, and show off their accomplishments in a friendly yet competitive environment in front of their peers!

We are often used for "skill camp" whereby we only teach stunting, tumbling, baskets and pyramids. This is perfect for a new team or a team with new girls. It is also very handy for competitive squads who need us to organize their stunt groups, and choreograph their stunt sequences. This is perfect for school coaches who need a little help teaching their athletes the correct and safe way to build skills! It can be 3 hours, or 3 days...whatever you need!

We are most noted for our world famous choreography! Winning 3 "outstanding choreography awards" from NCA & AllStar Challenge has solidified our reputataion; Cheer Savannah offers more than just skill. With themes, costumes, and the most creative and innovative moves in the industry, our material stands apart. We separate ourselves and dare to be different! Cheer Savannah provides choreography for competitive school squads and allstar teams around the country. We would love the challenge of creating a production for you! This past season, our school squads represented us well as they all had amazing success at the GHSA level!!

COSTS: Costs vary depending on what your needs are. For a 2 & 1/2 minute routine, we charge $2,500 plus travel and music ($450). However, if you use us for a traditional camp, our fee is $125 per girls and a minimum of 16 girls. Some of our clients have combined camps and have saved money by using us to do their choreography PLUS doing a skills camp before-hand to teach the tricks. Furthermore, local squads have hired us to do 3 types of training. They will do a skills camp for 2 days, choreography camp for 2 days, and then come weekly for the duration of their competitive season. When you combine services, we give you a great discount as we want to help out the very people who believe in us! One thing is for certain, ask our past clients, we are the best! You get what you pay for, and considering most choreographers are charging 4 & 5 grand, we consider it a steal. We love the challenge, and we love the kids. This is our most FAVORITE thing to do---CREATE!

*** Call us to work out a deal that your team can afford and that works for everyone! You may only be able to afford a 1-day clinic or only NEED a 1-day clinic. You determine your needs and we will meet them!

Cheer Savannah uses the very BEST MUSIC service in the country! SOUNDS LIKE THAT out in California has provided us with ALL of our music for 5 years! Steve Stettler has made his mark in the industry and most all of the "greats" use Steve for all of their music needs. Steve worked extensively in the cheer training world before focusing on music exclusively so he understands how music defines your routine. If we choreograph your routine, we will pick your music/theme and work with Steve's staff to provide an original 2 & 1/2 minutes that will enable your routine to flow and stand apart! Your music must be paid for in advance, and then Sounds Like That will email it to us to work with before your choreography session. All clients will get to hear and approve your music before choreography begins. A CD will be turned over to you at the choreography session so long as your account is paid in full. All additions, chages, and edits will go through Sounds Like That and will cost you, and those fees will be charged before services are rendered. Cheer Savannah has won BEST MUSIC at many competitions and we always have other gyms asking us "WHO DOES YOUR MUSIC?" Go to www.soundslikethat.com for more info or call them at 714-903-6101 and talk with Christina or Steve to get your music on their calendar now!  
Sounds Like That charges $450 for a 2 & 1/2 minute routine