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Candy Girls 2008-09
Candy Girls World Tour!!

This season's highlights were some of the best ones in the history of Cheer Savannah! What a great way to celebrate our 10th year anniversary!

 Senior 3 wins Cheersport Nationals, & best overall senior choreography at Allstar Challenge! Senior 5 experienced great success as a level 5 team and went on to place 3rd in large gym level 4 at NCA Nationals in Dallas, TX! Youth 4 placed 2nd at Cheersport Nationals, won Jamfest Grand Champs in Atlanta & Jax, and as a level 5 team continued their success by not only wins, but GRAND CHAMPS as well as best choreography awards, best dance, and achieved incredible level 5 skills for such a young age group! Large youth 2 wins 3 events earlier in the season and went on to be Spirit Sport Nationals Champs in Myrtle Beach against 8 teams to end the season with a BANG! And tinys win 1st place AND GRAND CHAMPS at Jamfest in Jacksonville! Great job ladies! It was a great season of wins, class, achievement, skill development, and spiritual & personal growth! I hope I have impacted you all as much as you have impacted me! Graduating seniors and all who leave us, may you take the lessons you have learned & experiences you have gained with you forever. WE BELIEVE!

We are very proud of our Cheer Savannah Level 5 Senior teams and their representation in this "WORLD"!  

2007:  The Senoritas earned a bid from Cheersport.  In their World's debut they made it to finals and were thrilled to be among the top 20 teams in the world (literally!).
2008:  Our Cheer Savanah Candy Girls earned a bid to Worlds in the International Division from All-Star Challenge.  They
not only advanced to finals, but placed 4th overall!
2009:  The Candy Girls are back and better than ever!  They received a bid in the Small Senior division.  This team is presently working on fundraising in hopes to realize this dream for the 3rd year in a row!

WE BELIEVE!  A big thanks to everyone over the years who has helped our elite team represent us at THE CHEERLEADING WORLDS.  This years date is April 25th & 26th at The Wide World of Sports, inside the Milkhouse in Orlando.  If you want a "Dont Mistake Me For a Sucker" t-shirt---let us know!! :)

Senoritas 2007
Senoritas 2007