Chattanooga Rage: Welcome


Spring has Sprung! We are finally able to get out in the dirt and practice, and the last couple of weeks has shown the coaching staff that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with. The ten players currently on roster are starting to bond as a team and as a family. Our first tournament is only 2 weeks away and can't get here soon enough. Our pitching is going to be dominant, our hitters are going to strike fear in the hearts of the opposition, and the defense will dash the hopes of any team who is unfortunate enough to find themselves down a run. Spring is all about optomism and potential, and as the cold and snowy weather of winter gives way to the cool mornings and warm afternoons of spring, we find ourselves optomistic that we can live up to the potential of our pitching, hitting and defense. We CAN be dominant. We CAN strike fear in our opponents. We CAN dash their hopes. If we play to our potential this year, not only can we do these things, we WILL do these things. Here's to a new season full of success waiting to be achieved through consistent effort and determination combined with a team-centered attitude and love of the game that we all share!

 - Coach Andy